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Study Abroad

Get Started: 

This presentation (PDF) will answer many of the basic study abroad questions a student might have. Once you have reviewed the checklist, please e-mail in order to begin the process. We will get in touch with you to set up an appointment. 

Where Would You Like To Go?

There are 3 ways in which you can study abroad: short-term faculty-led programs, exchange/direct enroll programs, and outside provider-led programs.

1. Many affordable study abroad options led by our faculty

If you would like to apply to any of these programs, an application can be found within each individual program webpage. The faculty-led programs include Fitchburg State courses taught by Fitchburg State faculty and require no transfer of credits. Students participating on a faculty led program need only send an unofficial transcript.

    Upcoming faculty-led study abroad options

    2020 Faculty-Led Programs (more information coming soon!):

    • Winter Break with Professor Djazaerly, IDIS 2550: Art and Culture Abroad to Paris & Madrid
    • Spring Break 2020 with Professor Budd, IDIS/POLS 1900 Intro to Peace Studies to Ireland
    • Spring Break 2020 with Professor Lieberman, HIST: Modern Germany to Berlin, Germany
    • Spring Break 2020 with Professor J.J. Sylvia, COMM: Rhetoric in Greece to Athens, Greece
    • Summer 2020 with Professor Tracy, ENGL 3025: Ancient Literature/Heritage to Jordan
    • Summer 2020 with Professor Akwasi Duah and Professor Benes NURS440 to Ghana
    • Summer 2020 with Professors Diakite and Professor Djazaerly, IDIS to Verona, Italy
    • Summer 2020 with Professor Govindan, CHEM 4000: Natural Products to Hangzhou, China

    A Look Back at 2019 Faculty-Led Programs:

                                                                            Spring Break 2019 Faculty-Led Nursing Program to San Jose, Costa Rica

                                                                         Spring Break 2019 Faculty-Led Heart of Europe Program

                                                           "Maymester" 2019 Faculty-Led Tropical Ecology Course to Costa Rica

                                                                          Summer 2019 Faculty-Led Program to Verona, Italy  is currently abroad!

                                                                          Summer 2019 Faculty-Led Program to Japan is currently abroad!

    2. Exchange programs with foreign universities

    These programs offer a traditional exchange experience, and include you paying Fitchburg State tuition & fees as you normally would. Students participating on a exchange program must request an official transcript. Additional fees would come in the form of transportation costs, housing and a student visa. For more information, visit our current list of exchange programs with foreign universities.


    Imani Hunter, a Computer Science major, studied abroad through our exchange program at Reitaku University in Japan during the Fall of 2018.

    3. Direct enroll agreement programs

    These programs allow you to enroll directly into the foreign university, paying tuition & fees to that university instead of Fitchburg State (you do not have to pay FSU tuition & fees while you are abroad). You will, however, be responsible for transportation, housing and a student visa. For more information, visit our current list of direct enroll agreement programs.

    Giana Visconte, a sophomore Criminal Justice major, studied abroad at our Direct Enroll program at Regents University in London during the Spring of 2019.

    4. Provider Programs

    Provider led programs include courses taught at foreign universities and require additional paperwork (the Preliminary Registration Approval Form, or "PRAF,") for credits to transfer. For more information on our provider programs, visit our International Education Organization (IEO) Led Programs page.

    Christelle Maitre studied abroad at the Universitat de Autònoma Barcelona, through an IEO provider led program with CISabroad in 2018.

    When You Return:

    When you return from your time abroad come back to the Office of International Education! We want to hear how your experience was and connect you with resources to leverage your study abroad experience or help you get back abroad.

    Study abroad students are welcome to attend the New England Study Abroad Returnee Conference.​ This conference, which takes place in the fall, is a great opportunity to network with other students and professionals in the field of study abroad! Students are able to share their stories from abroad, build their resumes, practice incorporating their study abroad experience in mock trials interviews and more!

    The 2019 Lessons from Abroad Conference at Clark University in Worcester.

    Looking to apply for a study abroad scholarship?

    Click here to learn about the most popular scholarship opportunities that Fitchburg State University students have applied for.

    How to Apply for a Passport