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Cybersecurity Concentration

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) Program offers the opportunity for students to
develop knowledge and skills in analysis and design of business information systems,
database development, software development, and networking.

This program prepares the students for professional careers in the rapidly changing field of computer information systems. Students develop good communication skills and the ability for teamwork and leadership roles in their professional careers.

The explosive growth of information technology, in particular, cloud computing has
increased the dependence of individuals and organizations on the data and information
stored on a network storage device and communicated over network. The Department of Labor projects 18% job growth in this field by 2024. 

This, in turn, has led to an extremely high demand for professionals in computer and cybersecurity. 

The Cybersecurity concentration provides the unique opportunity for students in CIS to
develop knowledge and skills in computer and network security, data encryption and
decryption, cybersecurity, and ethical hacking. This concentration prepares the students
for professional careers in the rapidly changing field of information technology, network
and cybersecurity.

The benefits of choosing the Cybersecurity Concentration are:

  • A specialized curriculum that prepares students in CIS for a career in cyber and network security.
  • Gain an in-depth, cross-disciplinary training experience by taking courses offered by both computer science and business department.


In addition to the requirements for the Computer Information Systems major, students enrolled in the Cybersecurity Concentration will take the following courses:

CSC/BSAD 3040 - Cybersecurity Management
CSC4350 - Computer and Network Security
CSC4005 - Ethical Hacking

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