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Student Success Collaborative

Accessing the Student Success Collaborative (SSC)

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For optimal performance, we recommended that you use the latest version of Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. If you are using Internet Explorer, please be sure to use the latest version.


Your user name is your full Fitchburg State email address (e.g. and your password is your network (i.e. Falcon Key) password.

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Stop by the CTL at your convenience for one-on-one training. No appointment necessary.

Training Documentation

Help Center

This is a comprehensive library of training tools. You may access the Help Center by logging into the SSC Platform and clicking on the ‘?’ icon located in the upper right corner of your Home page.

Watch a Tutorial

Click here to access videos that will walk you through various aspects of the platform.

About the SSC

The SSC is a “big data” initiative that analyzes the past decade of student performance at our institution in order to provide predictive analytics related to courses and student attributes.

Through tailored reports, departments are able to assess key trends and insights in student performance and identify opportunities for targeted initiatives, curricular change, or enhanced resources.

It also provides a comprehensive advising platform which applies the historical data analytics to current students in order to provide advisors with detailed insights into their advisees.

Contact or
Pamela McCafferty
Assistant Vice President, Institutional Research & Planning
(978) 665-3435


As always, when dealing with student information, it is important to keep our FERPA policy in mind. A copy of this policy can be accessed here. (PDF)