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General Medical Emergencies

A medical emergency can occur anywhere on campus. The reaction of the victim or those around him/her can ensure quick arrival of trained emergency personnel. What to do if someone is injured or becomes ill:

  • Stay calm.
  • Dial 3111 (or 978-665-3111 from a cell phone) and explain:
    • the type of emergency,
    • the location of the victim, and
    • the condition of the victim.
    • Let the dispatcher know of any safety hazards—chemical spill, fire, fumes, etc.
    • Be sure to tell the dispatcher if the person is unconscious, not breathing, is bleeding profusely, or has chest pain. These all cause the dispatcher to summon an ambulance.
  • Do not hang up unless told to do so by the dispatcher.
  • Do not move the victim unless there is danger of further injury if he/she is not moved.
  • Do not give the victim anything to eat or drink.