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Mathematics Concentration

Students earning a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics take a variety of courses and have a strong background in mathematics that will lead them to a wide range of careers or graduate school.

Required Courses in Mathematics

MATH 1850 Freshman Seminar in Mathematics 1cr.
MATH 2300 Calculus I 4cr.
MATH 2400 Calculus II 4cr.
MATH 2500 Introduction to Math Thought 3cr.
MATH 2550 Symbolic Computational Mathematics 3cr.
MATH 2600 Linear Algebra 3cr.
MATH 3550 Multivariate Calculus 4cr.
MATH 3900 Mathematics Seminar 1cr.
*MATH 4300 Abstract Algebra 3cr.

*Students in the applied math concentration do not have to take MATH 4300.

Students must also complete 15 additional mathematics credits at the 3000 or 4000 level, 9 of which must be at the 4000 level.

Required Courses in other Departments

SPCH 1000 Introduction to Speech Communication OR SPCH 1100 Argumentation and Debate 3cr.
CSC 1500 Computer Science I 3cr.

Note: Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts as opposed to a Bachelor of Science will also be required to obtain proficiency of a foreign language at the intermediate level. This can be done by completing appropriate coursework and/or a sufficiently high score on the CLEP exam. For more information on the CLEP go to the Placement Testing page.

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