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Applied Mathematics Concentration

Applied mathematics is the study of mathematics that is often used in other technical disciplines such as chemistry, biology, engineering, physics, economics and computer science. Students who complete the concentration in applied mathematics will have a strong mathematical background and an emphasis in a second field, and will be able to integrate the mathematics within that field.

The concentration in applied mathematics is comprised of at least 57 credit hours in three main areas: mathematics courses, non-math courses and a minor in another department as described below:

Required Courses in Mathematics

MATH 1850 Freshman Seminar in Mathematics 1 cr.
MATH 2300 Calculus I 4 cr.
MATH 2400 Calculus II 4 cr.
MATH 2500 Intro to Math Thought 3 cr.
MATH 2550 Symbolic Computational Mathematics 3 cr.
MATH 2600 Linear Algebra 3 cr.
MATH 3350 Multivariate Calculus 4 cr.
MATH 3500 Methods of Applied Math 3 cr.
MATH 3550 Ordinary Differential Equations 3 cr.
MATH 4400 Operations Research OR MATH 4450 Mathematical Modeling 3 cr.
MATH 4600 Senior Seminar in Applied Mathematics 3 cr.

NOTE: The student must also complete 3 additional courses (two of which must be at the 3000 level or higher) selected from the following: MATH 1900, 2500, 3150, 4200, 4250, 4300, 4350, 4400, 4450, or 4500.

Required Courses in other Departments

The student must also take the following courses outside the Department:

SPCH 1000 Introduction to Speech Communication OR SPCH 1100 Argumentation and Debate 3 cr.
PHYS 2300 General Physics I OR PHYS 2600 Calculus-Based Physics I 3 cr.
PHYS 2400 General Physics II OR PHYS 2700 Calculus- Based Physics II 3 cr.
CSC 1500 Computer Science I 3 cr.


The student must also choose three additional courses from the following, at least two of which must be at the 300 level or above.

MATH 1900 Discrete Mathematics 3 cr.
MATH 3150 Elementary Number Theory 3 cr.
MATH 4200 Probability and Statistics I 3 cr.
MATH 4250 Probability and Statistics II 3 cr.
MATH 4300 Abstract Algebra 3 cr.
MATH 4350 Complex Analysis 3 cr.
MATH 4400 Operations Research 3 cr.
MATH 4450 Mathematical Modeling 3 cr.
MATH 4500 Numerical Analysis 3 cr.

Required Minor in another Department

A core aspect in applied math is knowledge of another field. The student must also minor in one of the following areas: computer science, psychology, biology, chemistry, economics, geography/earth science or a minor approved by the Mathematics Department. Note: Many of the courses in the minor can be counted toward the liberal arts and sciences (LA&S) courses.

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