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Strength and Conditioning Concentration

The role of the strength and conditioning coach has and will continue to grow.

Today’s strength and conditioning coach focuses on athlete health, injury prevention, and the improvement of human performance. The delicate balance among these dimensions requires a specific set of knowledge, skills, and abilities from the Exercise and Sports Sciences.

The strength and conditioning coach needs to be able to communicate with other team health care professionals including the Team Physician and Athletic Trainer. Thus, the strength and conditioning coach must be proficient with program design and be knowledgeable in the area of Sports Medicine.

Graduates from the Strength and Conditioning concentration will have the knowledge necessary to pass nationally recognized strength and conditioning certification exam, will possess the skills and abilities to be successful working with recreational to professional athletes in a commercial setting or with collegiate or professional teams, and will be skillfully prepared to complete a graduate program in the field.


Requirements for the Concentration in Strength and Conditioning.

Admission requirements are the same as for the major. The core requirements are the same as for the major.

Required EXSS Courses

All students are required to complete the following common core courses:

EXSS 1011 - Introduction to Exercise and Sports Science - 3 cr.
EXSS 2050 - Functional Anatomy - 3 cr.
EXSS 2065 – Introduction to Research in Exercise Science - 3 cr.
EXSS 2071 - Exercise Physiology I - 4 cr.
EXSS 2072 - Exercise Physiology II - 4 cr.
EXSS 2300 - Nutrition in Exercise and Sport - 3 cr.
EXSS 2500 - Human Motor Development - 3 cr.
EXSS 3120 - Scientific Foundations of Strength Training and Conditioning - 3 cr.
EXSS 3450 - Exercise Testing and Prescription - 4 cr.
EXSS 4005 – Biomechanics & Motor Control of Human Movement - 4 cr.
EXSS 4040 - Fitness Management - 3 cr.
EXSS 4200 – Professional and Career Development - 3 cr.
EXSS 4950 - Internship - 6 cr.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirements for the Strength and Conditioning Concentration:

BIOL 1200 - Anatomy and Physiology I - 4 cr.
BIOL 1300 - Anatomy and Physiology II - 4 cr.
PSY 1100 - Intro to Psychological Science - 3 cr.

Below are the additional courses required by the Strength and Conditioning Concentration:

EXSS 2023 - Introduction to Sports Medicine - 3 cr. 
EXSS 1450 - Weight Training for Athletes - 1 cr. 
EXSS 3001 - Assessment in Strength and Conditioning - 1 cr.
EXSS 3011 Practicum in Strength training and conditioning 1A
EXSS 3012 Practicum in Strength training and conditioning 1B
EXSS 4002 Practicum in Strength training and conditioning 2A
EXSS 4003 Practicum in Strength training and conditioning 2B
EXSS 4000 - Fundamentals of Coaching 3 cr.

Curriculum details