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Fitness Management Concentration

As the health club industry continues to grow and be profitable, numerous opportunities exist for qualified students to obtain employment as fitness club workers. Although health club memberships span all age groups, senior citizens represent the fastest growing cohort in new membership applications. Fitness instructors in this setting will be working increasingly with an at-risk population. Appropriate education is essential; employers are already seeking those who have the knowledge base to work with this group.

There is a common core of exercise science courses to ensure a solid foundation in the various disciplines that comprise this multidisciplinary field of study, and to ensure the ability to apply knowledge in a variety of practical experiences. In addition to the required courses in exercise and sports science, you will be required to complete a series of courses in business administration.

In This Program

  • You'll understand how to design and implement exercise programs for a wide variety of people of various ages and states of health.
  • You will become prepared to take on managerial and leadership roles within the health, fitness, and wellness industry. 
  • Be prepared to pass National level fitness certifications. 

In Their Words

"The highlight of this program for me was how hands on it was! Being in the lab and experiencing everything such as using yourself and others as subjects, there is no better way to learn. Also, the professors at FSU are so approachable, professional, and relatable, that towards my senior year they felt more like mentors than the typical teacher-student relationship. Because the professors were so legitimized in their respective background, it was very easy to truly listened to them knowing it comes from a very respectable place, they have all lived it and are now teaching it. I have always respected that and learned more from leaders in my life that way."

- Nicholas Normandin '08, Co-owner of Push Pull Training LLC  [DW1]

Program Information[MMM1]

Experiential Opportunities

You'll complete 21 credits of Business coursework along with coursework in Exercise Science, and a 240 hour internship.  This combination of academic and practical education equips you with unique qualifications to work in the field of commercial health club management.

List of internship locations, and places students have gained employment:

Impact Fitness, Healthworks Fitness for Women, Global Fitness Center, Crunch Fitness, Get in Shape for Women, Commit Fitness


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