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Geographic Information System Crime Mapping & Analysis Minor

The interdisciplinary minor of GIS Crime Mapping & Analysis is designed to serve students who want to use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to transform crime-related information into actionable intelligence for officers in the field and for crime analysts in police agencies. 

The minor provides students with contemporary geospatial skills and essential criminal justice knowledge that can help them aggregate crime data, identify patterns and clusters, explore the relationship between crime and other types of datasets, and assess the effectiveness of crime- reduction strategies.

Required Courses

CJ 1000 Intro to Criminal Justice 3 cr.*
GEOG 2400 Introduction to Geospatial Technologies 3 cr.
GEOG 3004 / CJ 3004 GIS for Criminal Justice 3 cr.

* Upon enrollment in the GIS for Crime Analysis Minor, the requirement limiting CJ 1000 to Criminal Justice Majors/Minors will be waived for GEOG students.


CJ 2130 Criminal Justice Research Methods
CJ 3242 Psychology of Crime
CJ 3250 Crime & Delinquency Prevention 
SOC 2750 Criminology
GEOG 3120 Computer Cartography 
GEOG 3300 Urban Geography
GEOG 4000 Geographic Information System
GEOG 4940 / CJ 4990 Internship in Geography /
Internship in Criminal Justice