Technical Standards for Admission, Progression and Graduation

The faculty of the Nursing Department deems these technical standards essential to a student's success in meeting the outcomes of the nursing program.

Good Moral Character (GMC)

The Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing requires that an applicant must be “of good moral character” for the Board to find the individual to be safe and competent to practice nursing. The GMC standard is created by statute and it assists the Board in determining whether an individual’s character poses a risk to the public health, safety or welfare and/or to the likely provision by the individual of safe, competent nursing care. Please refer to the Good Moral Character Requirements for Licensure for more information.

Communication Skills

The nursing student must be able to communicate with accuracy, clarity and efficiency with patients, families, members of the health care team, instructors and peers. This includes both verbal and nonverbal communication. Each student must have the ability to speak, read, comprehend and write the English language.

Cognitive Abilities

The nursing student is expected to demonstrate cognitive abilities, which include intellectual, conceptual, integrative, quantitative, critical thinking and comprehension skills that allow the student to carry out the nursing process in the care of patients.

Visual, Auditory, and Tactile Abilities

The nursing student must have sufficient capacity to make and interpret visual, auditory, and tactile observations.

Motor Abilities, Strength and Physical Endurance

The student must be able to perform gross and fine motor movements with sufficient coordination needed to provide comprehensive nursing care.

Behavioral and Social Attributes/Abilities

The nursing student must possess the emotional and mental health required for full use of their intellectual, communication/observation, motor and sensory abilities in order to exercise sound, stable judgment in the care of patients in a variety of settings.

Please Note:
As students progress through the nursing program, it is essential that nursing students meet the above Technical Standards.