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Center for Faculty Scholarship

The Center for Faculty Scholarship, is a faculty, librarian and staff initiative with the purpose of facilitating research, scholarship, and creative endeavors for full-time tenure-track or tenured faculty and librarians across all disciplines.

The center supports a variety of programs in support of faculty scholarship including:

  • Assists with the integration on the importance of scholarship into the culture of the university
  • Promotes the recognition of scholarly works and creative accomplishments of faculty and students
  • Assists in the evaluation and review of internal research grants
  • Works closely with the Grants Office to reinforce strategies that promote and support faculty research
  • Assists in the support of campus research compliance in Human Subjects, Biosafety, and Animal Care
  • Facilitating dialogue among faculty and departments in order to promote collaborative and interdisciplinary scholarship within Fitchburg State

The Center for Faculty Scholarship currently utilizes various sites on campus for programming including the CTL which is located in Library 212, right above the circulation desk.

Upcoming Events

Please join Karen Frank Mays, Alicia Cianciola, and Meg Hoey in the CTL for a workshop on how to find funding sources for your scholarly activities.  All faculty members are welcome to participate whether you are interested in internal or external grants.  We will cover and discuss both public and private sources of funding. 

  • Tuesday, November 13 at 3:30
  • Wednesday November 14 at 8:00am

Refreshments or a light breakfast will be served.  Feel free to come to one or even both events.  Please RSVP to Meg at especially if you have any dietary restrictions.

Center for Faculty Scholarship Advisory Board Meeting

  • Tuesday November 20, 3:30PM SCI311

Book Launch Dr. Michael Hoberman, February 5, 2019  in the Library Archives

Ongoing Initiatives

At the beginning of October, the Grants Center and the Center for Faculty Scholarship hosted a collaborative conversation on the promise of digital technologies and “Humanities Connections” to support innovative curricular and scholarly approaches for faculty on campus.

The aim was twofold: 

  • to support new ways to engage in the use of technologies in humanities scholarship and teaching (the Digital Humanities*), and  
  • to foster productive partnerships among faculty in the humanities and their colleagues in the social and natural sciences, mathematics, and professional programs (business, engineering, health sciences, computer sciences, and other technology-driven fields).

In an effort to identify campus involvement and interest in enhancing such cross-disciplinary collaboration, a brief survey has been deployed (check your campus email) with the aim of determining campus strengths in the Digital Humanities, connecting people with similar interests, and identifying areas of future collaboration and development.

Director Information 

The Faculty Director, Dr. Meg Hoey, works collaboratively with the Center’s Advisory Board, department chairs, faculty/librarians, and community professionals, administrative staff, and the Vice President for Academic Affairs.  She may be reached at

Strategic Plan

Our aim is to accomplish this through several initiatives: 

Embrace high-quality research, scholarship, and creative activity

  • The importance of scholarship to be woven through the appropriate university communications
  • The promotion of research according to the accepted peer-reviewed standards, or other external validation, as applicable to each discipline in collaboration with the academic departments that represent the disciplines
  • Systematize opportunities to recognize and celebrate the achievement (publication and/or reception) of faculty having received external (of the university) grants, and fellowships

Support research, scholarship, and creative activity 

  • Support initiatives for developing research partnerships with faculty from other universities as well as community partners
  • Obtain university-wide external funding to increase the visibility and support of research and creative endeavors of students, faculty, and professional staff
  • Expand internal Research Grants used to leverage larger external grants
  • Expand internal Research Grants to complete smaller research projects
  • To the extent permitted by financial assets and enrollment numbers, create graduate and undergraduate workers to provide assistance to faculty initiating research agendas, and who otherwise would not have access to student assistance


  • Maintain regular and formal exchanges between the Grants office and the Provost’s office to reinforce strategies that promote and support research, including but not limited to facilities
  • Continue to strengthen the IRB and IACUC structure and procedures
  • Maintain at minimum existing grant office and support infrastructure to assist faculty in securing and executing state, regional, and national grants and contracts
  • Establish access to a searchable grant database available to all faculty

Professional Development

  • Institutionalize a peer-mentoring model for publications support (such as assistance in technical writing, and manuscript review)
  • Ensure that all new faculty orientation programs include an in depth discussion of Fitchburg State’s research program, and include a presentation from grants office
  • Establish a series of workshops on research design, publishing and grant-writing
  • Establish an annual workshop to inform research participants of policies for IRB and IACUC compliance. All research training workshops should be digitally recorded and posted on AA website


  • Recognize, publicize, and reward the scholarly works and creative accomplishments of faculty and students
  • Create an effective, up-to-date, and user-friendly website that communicates to the public the successful scholarly, research and creative activity occurring within the university
  • Work collaboratively with the research office, Deans and chairs to build and strengthen identified interdisciplinary programs, facilitate projects with interdisciplinary collaboration, and promote their value in both internal and external communications

Increase interdisciplinary research and dialogue

  • Hold regular, interdisciplinary events that promote dialogue among faculty and departments, and recognize collaborative work within Fitchburg State
  • Facilitate outreach and work with faculty from other universities in order to develop joint opportunities for students and faculty members

Strengthen and develop linkages between faculty research expertise and regional needs and demands

  • Explore joint initiatives with the various Social and Economic Development projects to seek collaborative and applied research opportunities in key areas

Promote and enhance research and scholarly activities that provide transformative experiences for all students

  • Reconstitute an undergraduate research program led by the AA, and which includes a research journal, a fund for student research fellowships and a colloquium for students and faculty to link and share their research interests
  • Start a graduate research program, which includes a fund for student research fellowships, and a colloquium for students and faculty to link and share their research interests