Part-Time Payroll

Pay Schedule

All part-time, non-benefited, temporary employees are paid bi-weekly through HR/CMS (The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Payroll System). The pay calendars are available on the Payroll Information page.

Hiring Guidelines

Part-Time and Adjunct Faculty

All part-time day and SGOCE adjunct positions must go through the Fitchburg State jobsite. The department chair should select the successful candidate as Recommended for Hire in the system. The recommendation will then be automatically sent to the appropriate authority for approval. Once the candidate has been approved by the Dean or Associate VP of Academic Affairs, they will automatically be emailed pertinent hiring information. Ultimately, candidates will be sent instructions for logging into Blackboard to obtain paperwork and complete trainings. Payroll must have all of the required paperwork in order to process payment.


State employee do not contribute to social security, therefore, all part-time, non-benefited employees must have OBRA (PDF) contributions deducted from their earnings in lieu of social security.

You may be exempt from this contribution if you fall under one or more of the following categories:

  • You are currently a full-time employee for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at Fitchburg State or another state agency and you are participating in the retirement system.
  • You are retired from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and collecting a pension.

The Massachusetts Teachers' Retirement System does not qualify you to be exempt from OBRA, as it is a separate retirement system.

If you do qualify for the exemption, you must complete the Exempt from OBRA form with your paperwork, in lieu of an enrollment form.

Time and Attendance

MassHR/SSTA (Self-Service Time and Attendance) is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts online self-service payroll system. Contractors may complete their attendance electronically through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts system. Their supervisor approves the hours worked and submits their attendance through the MassHR/SSTA online payroll system for processing.

Temporary, non-benefited employees may utilize a signed Personal Services Voucher. Work must be completed and vouchers must be signed by a supervisor and the employee,* and submitted to the payroll office by Thursday at 9:00am.

The voucher must include the following:

  • Hours Worked
  • Hourly Wage
  • Account Number
  • Employee Signature*
  • Supervisor Signature
  • Dates

*In an effort to make the attendance process easier for supervisors, a weekly time log or attendance sheet with the employee signature may be maintained in the department. Please be aware that if the department chooses this option, these signed time logs and records must be maintained for a minimum of seven (7) years for auditing purposes as mandated by law. All other employees paid through the trust fund are required to sign the Personal Services Voucher prior to submitting it to the payroll office. Only supervisors may deliver the vouchers to Payroll. Blank vouchers may be obtained from the Payroll Office as needed.

Separation From Service

Supervisors must notify Human Resources and Payroll Services of the separation of any part-time employee as soon as they are aware of it. To do so, complete the online Separation Notification form.