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Mathematics Department

Office: Edgerly Hall, Room 310
Chairperson: dr. jenn berg, 978-665-3787
Administrative Assistant: Ann Larsen, 978-665-3263
Admissions Office: 978-665-3144 or


The Department of Mathematics serves all students at the university. Mathematics majors receive a comprehensive foundation in abstract and applied mathematics as preparation for graduate school or a professional career. Minors in Mathematics receive the mathematical foundation needed for advanced work in their major field. The department also provides non-majors with courses for their major or with courses for their Liberal Arts and Sciences program.

Two Year Rotation of Courses (PDF)

Four Year Plan of Study



Barbato, Mary Ann
Bayazit, Nermin
berg, jenn
Buell, Catherine
Collins, Brett
Fateh, Stella
Higdon, Gerry
Levy, Benjamin
Staab, Peter
Wehe, Amy
Wright, Sarah
Zekeria, Abdul


Edgerly Hall was first used as "an eighth-grade model and practice school," which made it one of the first junior high schools in America. It has now become home to the Mathematics and Computer Science departments, in addition to computer labs and classrooms. The Mathematics department offers:

  • Computer lab with 25 PCs, high-capacity laser printer, and sophisticated software used both in mathematics classes and in many businesses that employ mathematicians.
  • Projectors that allow faculty to present material while students are working with the same software
  • Seminar room housing the departmental library and a flat screen TV with computer hook up
  • Two PCs for student and part-time faculty