TRIO Student Support Services Program

Partner with support staff to realize your ability for academic, career, and personal growth. 

The TRIO Student Support Services Program (formerly known as Expanding Horizons) promotes the academic success of our students who complete a TRIO SSS application (In English, En Español) and meet the following criteria:

  • Qualify as low-income according to Department of Education guidelines OR
  • Are a first-generation University student (neither parent has completed a four-year college degree) OR
  • Are a student diagnosed with a disability AND
  • Demonstrate an academic need for the program such as having a low high school or university GPA or SAT score or by placing into developmental courses. Developmental courses include Basic Reading, Basic Writing, Basic Math I or II. Students with a major which requires a higher minimum GPA such as: Exercise Sports Science, Game Design, Nursing, Education, Communications or Human Services may also qualify.

Our Services

  • Pre-semester orientation for eligible Freshman and Transfer Students.
  • Academic counseling including study skills and time management training.
  • Assistance from a Professional Math Tutor.
  • Pre-advising for course selection.
  • Graduate school counseling.
  • Peer to Peer Group Learning.
  • Mid-semester progress reports from faculty.
  • Financial aid advising and financial literacy education.
  • Social and cultural activities and events.
  • Peer Mentor Program

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More Information

Scheduling Your Tutoring Appointment

EHP tutors are scheduled by signing up for a tutor time in the tutors' binders. The binder is located in the EHP office, Hammond 315. The binder is labeled with the tutor's name and contains their schedule and sign up sheets. You may also sign up for a tutor by calling the office at 978.665.3576 or by emailing

Pre-Advising Period

Pre-advising takes place in the month before Registration Week where you actually sign up for classes. Your advisor will tell you what day and time you can start registering for classes.

During this time, advisors will post appointment schedules, generally on their office doors, for advisees to sign up for appointments. If you do not meet with your advisor, you will not have your Registration PIN number (Alternate PIN) which you need if you are going to sign up for classes online.

Not sure who your advisor is?

Check with the department secretary of your major, or with the Registrar.

You can also login to Web4 then go to Student, Student Records, and View Student Information. Your advisor will be listed there.

If you are a Pre-Major, your advising will be done through the Academic Advising Center located on the third floor of the Hammond Building. There are appointment sign-up sheets on a table.

Students can meet with the EHP Academic Counselor to learn about the advising system, to learn how to access Web4, learn how to read their Degree Evaluation, and come up with a tentative class schedule prior to meeting with their assigned Advisor.

Registration Period

You will not be able to complete final registration without meeting with your Faculty/Professional Advisor. However, if you would like to meet with the EHP Academic Counselor to review your course options or Degree Evaluation prior to meeting with your faculty advisor, please call 978.665.3576 (ext. 3576 on campus). Check the Seats Listing for course availability.

If you would like to view your Degree Evaluation on your own, please go to Web4.

Getting a Bachelor's Degree is a two-part process. There are the courses you need for your major area and the courses you need for the Liberal Arts and Science (LA&S) portion of the degree. Whatever major you are enrolled in, it is important that you know and understand the system you are dealing with. The Academic Advising Center website has copies of the suggested four-year plans of study for the different majors; by looking at the four-year plan, you can see suggestions, by semester, for courses to take for your major.

If you would like to learn the Fitchburg State University system, please contact the EHP Academic Pre-Advisor at ext. 3576 to set up an appointment.

Students interested in Fitchburg State University Scholarships can either pick up an application in the financial aid office (Anthony Room 108) or find them online beginning February 1st. All applications must be submitted to the financial aid office by March 1st. More information is available on Academic Works.

Interested in studying abroad? Check out the Diversity Abroad website for available scholarships available just for study abroad students!

Additional Sources for Scholarship Opportunities

  • Educational Opportunity Centers
  • Education Central - Worcester
  • Boston Public Library - Boston
  • University Financial Aid Office
  • Internet Sites (MS Word)
  • Student Support & Student Affairs Office
  • Local hometown/community
  • Parents' place of business
  • Clubs and organizations

Make sure to Thoroughly Read the Criteria of Each Scholarship Opportunity

  • Good academic performance - this may be important, but is often not the only requirement.
  • Community service - this includes volunteer activities.
  • Special interests/talents
  • Athletics
  • Hardships/obstacles
  • Interests and talents - music, art, drama - maybe you are a left-handed oboe player.

Possible Scholarship Timeline

January 1st - February 1st Do Taxes
  Research & Scholarships
  Request recommendation letters
February 1st - February 15th Reminders to letter writers
  Pickup Scholarship Applications
February 15th - March 1st Pickup recommendation letters (Fitchburg State scholarship application submitted by March 1)
March 15th Many scholarship applications due. Don't be late.
April 1st - May 1st Track scholarship applications

* Please note: Each scholarship will carry its own deadline schedule.

Tips For Having The Best Chance To Receive A Scholarship:

  • Fill out the scholarship application. You have nothing to lose.
  • The personal statement is important and not taken lightly.
  • Be sure to stand out. Share something special about yourself.
  • Take your time. It should be well written.
  • Proof-read, proof-read, proof-read! Errors can be deadly.
  • Read the application. Follow instructions. Don't ignore deadlines.
  • Ask early for letters of recommendation from faculty and the staff community, club leaders, advisors, etc. You should be asking for letters at least, if not more, 2 weeks in advance. Choose someone who will actually write the letter.
  • Follow timelines. Doing so will ensure that your application gets there on time.

Finally - Give it a try. You have nothing to lose. These searches can take up some of your time, but the potential rewards are worth it. For scholarship programs seeking diversity, now may be a great time to highlight your uniqueness - race, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, etc. Put your all into any scholarship opportunity. Your hard work should pay off eventually!

Questions? Get in Touch!

Our hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.

TRIO Student Support Services

The TRIO Student Support Services staff works with students who are from families where neither parent has earned a baccalaureate degree, who are from low-income backgrounds, and/or are students with disabilities.
Hammond Hall 315