TRIO Student Support Squad

Student Support Squad Goals

  • Squad Leaders introduce Squad members to campus life
  • Squad Leaders encourage Squad members to participate in campus activities by partnering with them to attend clubs, organization meetings, and/or just hanging out
  • Squad Leaders act as guides for Squad Members discussing majors, courses, professors, and all aspects of University life

Squad Leader Qualifications

Squad Leaders are students who maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA. Each Squad Leader must apply and interview with the TRIO SSS team before being selected for this position. Each year, Squad Leaders are trained by the TRIO SSS team and engage in activities designed to build their leadership skills and help them connect with campus partners, the TRIO SSS team, each other, and to their Squad Members.

Squad Leader Benefits

  • Access to training from many campus partners and outside organizations
  • Develop and improve leadership skills
  • Establish a close working relationship with Squad Members and the TRIO SSS Team
  • Engage in planning, developing, and implementing fun and interesting activities for TRIO SSS participants

Meet Our Squad Leaders

Cheyenne Coon TRIO SSS Student Support Leader

Cheyenne Coon

I am an Educational Studies major with a minor in Psychology. I am an Orientation Leader and a Squad Leader. I really love working in TRIO SSS because its like it's own little family and the office has the best snacks.
Ashaunti Gordon TRIO SSS Student Support Leader

Ashaunti Gordon

My name is Ashaunti Gordon. I am a Human Services major. On campus, I participate in Dance Club both as a dancer and teacher. My favorite things to do in my free time are to cook, and have self-care days.
Justin Bishop TRIO SSS Student Support Leader

Justin Bishop

I am a senior Criminal Justice major. I like watching football, working out, and playing video games.
Portrait of student Gianna Meninno

Gianna Meninno

My name is Gianna Meninno. I am a Senior in the Psychology major. In addition to working at TRIO SSS, I also work as a tour guide in Admissions.

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TRIO Student Support Services

The TRIO Student Support Services staff works with students who are from families where neither parent has earned a baccalaureate degree, who are from low-income backgrounds, and/or are students with disabilities.
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