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Human Resources/Payroll - Staff

Outside of the Sanders Administration Building

Human Resources and Payroll Services Staff

Portrait of Ms. Jessica Murdoch

Ms. Jessica Murdoch
Associate Vice President
(978) 665-3172

Portrait of Ms. Kimberly Page

Ms. Kimberly Page
Associate Director
(978) 665-3850

Portrait of Ms. Jossy Brack

Ms. Jossy Brack
Staff Associate/Benefits Coordinator (978) 665-3440

Portrait of Ms. Nicole Gately

Ms. Nicole Gately
Coordinator of Human Resources and Faculty Affairs
(978) 665-4603


Ms. Cathy Grantz
Payroll Accountant
(978) 665-3715


Mr. Darryl Les
Payroll Accountant
(978) 665-4208

Portrait of Ms. Kelli Lundgren

Ms. Kelli Lundgren
Staff Assistant
(978) 665-4317

Portrait of Ms. Deborah Martin

Ms. Deborah Martin
Administrative Assistant
(978) 665-3176

Portrait of Ms. Pamela Mayou

Ms. Pamela Mayou
Coordinator for Contract Employment/GCE
(978) 665-3183


Ms. Kristin Murphy
Director of Title IX Compliance
(978) 665-4141