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Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program or "EAP" is a pre-paid benefit that provides short-term counseling and, when needed, referral services to Fitchburg State University faculty and staff, and their household members. This free service is provided by AllOne Health. The EAP is staffed by licensed counselors who respond quickly to your request for help in a caring, respectful and confidential manner.

Accessing the EAP is quick and easy

Visit your Employee Assistance Program Website for multiple resources.

Once logged in at MyLifeExpert on either your desktop or mobile device:

  1. Enter the access code to get started: access code is Fitchburg.
  2. ​Follow instructions in the activation email.

Why Would I Use the EAP?

Life can get pretty stressful. Whether your daily challenges are routine, or more urgent, your free EAP is a simple and invaluable resource for you. Many people consult the EAP just to be reassured that what they are experiencing is a typical response to a concern such as job loss, divorce or the serious illness or death of a loved one. The EAP does not replace or prevent you from accessing the mental health benefits of your own medical insurance.

Financial Assistance

You receive free and confidential assistance from trained financial consultants.

  • Questions about how to save for your child's college education?
  • Need tax advice or help with tax return preparation?
  • Questions about insurance and auto claims?
  • Budget and debt problems?
  • Need help making sure that your retirement planning is on track?

Legal Assistance

You receive one free office or telephone consultation per legal question or issue (excluding job-related matters), and a 25% reduction in fee for ongoing services.

  • Questions about family law issues, such as divorce, marital separations, child support and custody matters?
  • Buying or selling a house and need legal representation?
  • Questions about landlord or tenant issues?
  • Estate planning questions (e.g. wills and trusts)?

Counseling Referrals

You receive 3 free, confidential, in-person counseling sessions.

  • Stressed with workplace or family concerns?
  • Managing depression or anxiety?
  • Concerned about your marital relationship, how your children are doing or conflicts with your teen?
  • Dealing with a recent loss?
  • Questions about your or a loved one's drinking problem?
  • Just need to talk to a concerned and professional helping person?

Information and Referral Services

You receive consultation and resources to assist with a wide spectrum of work and life issues. The EAP does the legwork to help you locate eldercare, childcare and other services.

Are These Services Confidential?

Yes, no one will know you use the EAP unless you tell them. Information you discuss with an EAP counselor remains private unless you sign a release of information, permitting the EAP to contact a specific person. Only in rare instances does the law require a licensed counselor to notify an outside party. These situations occur when there is a serious threat to self or others or the abuse/neglect of a child, elder or disabled person.

How Do I Contact the EAP?

You just need to call! All of these services are available to you and your household members simply by calling the toll free number, 800.451.1834. Licensed, trained counselors are available 24/7 to take your call.