Services in the Residence Halls

Maintenance and Work Orders

A team of maintenance staff workers are supervised by Capital Planning and Maintenance and assigned to support Housing and Residential Services in order to maintain the residence halls in the best possible condition within the given resources. To ensure a pleasant environment, students should treat their buildings and their room with respect.

Each residence hall is assigned maintainers in order to help maintain the building. These individuals are highly visible, as they spend the bulk of their workday in the living environment of the halls. They provide much more than simple cleaning services and can be a great source of support. The trades staff are responsible for all maintenance (i.e. repairing the heating and cooling systems, changing light bulbs and unstopping clogged drains).

Emergency Repair Requests

Examples of emergency repair requests include:

  • Lost key/OneCard
  • Power failure
  • Flooding
  • Fire
  • Broken glass
  • Heating
  • Bodily fluids

To submit an emergency repair request, contact a member of your building staff or call the Office of Housing and Residential Services at ext. 3219 during weekdays from 8:00am to 5:00pm. On evenings, weekends, and holidays, contact the RA on duty or call Campus Police at ext. 3111. Emergency repairs are scheduled for the same day. If you submit a request and the repair is not made, contact Housing and Residential Services or Campus Police.

Routine Repairs

Routine repairs are scheduled in the order in which they were received, availability of parts, and existing workload. Normally, routine repairs will be completed in a timely fashion. If your repair has not been completed, contact Housing and Residential Services.

Maintenance workers are on campus from 7:00am to 3:00pm and will not enter student rooms for repairs until 9:00am.

Contact Phone: 978.665.3115


The OneCard is the official identification card of Fitchburg State University. OneCards are issued to every student and employee. You will find that the OneCard is an essential key to campus life. Apart from being your official form of identification, it can be used for many other University services. The OneCard is your Library Card, Recreation Center Pass, Meal Card, Door Key, Campus Event Access, and much more. It also has a stored value account called Fitchburg Gold. This card eliminates the need to carry cash. Once you have loaded money onto your OneCard, it can be used to pay for various things around campus.

If your OneCard should be lost or stolen, you will be charged a $25 replacement fee. Lost or stolen cards are not subject to the one free replacement card per academic year policy. If you find your card after the card has been replaced, destroy the card and throw it away. Refunds will not be issued after the fact.

For questions regarding your OneCard, please email the OneCard office or call 978.665.3039.

Technology Services

Falcon Cable Television

All residence hall rooms are equipped with a hookup for cable television service. The charge for basic television service is built into the current semester rate and the service is available at the time of move-in. The channel lineup includes most common cable channels, broadcast channels, electronic bulletin board, and 8 high-definition channels. Residents must supply their own cable cords.

Visit the Cable TV page for more information.

Computer Network

The entire campus is equipped with a wireless network. Every residence hall room is equipped with wall outlets containing ports for network connections. There is a port for every bed in the room. Follow the instructions at the Technology Department’s Wireless and Network Access page to get your computer on the campus network.

For questions about these services, please contact the 24/7 Call Center at 978.665.4500 or complete the Online Help Desk Request Form.

Dining Services

Students living in the residence halls must be on a meal plan. The only exceptions are for residents living in the Apartments (Cedar Street House, North Street Apartments, and Townhouses). These students are eligible for either the 5-meal plan or no meal plan at all. The meal plan options are for 19 meals per week, 15 meals per week, 10 meals per week, 5 meals per week, or the Commuter meal plan with a declining balance for Commuter students who wish to utilize the dining hall.

Changes in meal plans during the fall semester can be made at the Office of Housing and Residential Services if the student is looking to increase their meal plan. If students are looking to decrease their meal plan during the fall semester, they are advised to go to Holmes Dining Commons to do so. If the student is looking to change their meal plan options for the spring semester (regardless of increasing or decreasing), those changes can be made by emailing the Office of Housing and Residential Services or by visiting the office during our business hours.

Mail Services

Mail Boxes
Mailboxes are available to resident students upon request. Send your request to Located in the Mara Commons building, this is where students will receive mail from the United States Post Office, as well as University notes and events. Please check your box frequently. A photo ID is needed for the combinations to get into your box. Mailbox combinations will not be given to anyone other than the student who is assigned to that box.

Parcel Lockers
Package lockers are located next to the Mara Commons Building. Once packages are placed in a locker the recipient will receive an email or a text message with two codes that will be needed to pick-up the item. Locker access will be available 24/7! This eliminates the wait, so you can pick up your packages, on your time. Simply follow the directions from the notification and use the screen/keypad associated with the designated locker section color (green, white or gold) to collect the package.

Service Window Monday - Thursday 3pm - 7pm
Students may send and receive packages at the University via the United States Post Office, including first-class mail, Certified Return Receipt, Express (overnight), and International mail. The Student Mail Center will weigh the item and determine the correct postage. Students can use their OneCard for postage from the meter machine if Fitchburg Gold has been added to their account. Stamps are also available for purchase through the Bookstore in the Hammond Building.

Please use this address for receiving mail/packages:

Student’s Name
Fitchburg State University
319 Highland Ave. Box #____
Fitchburg, MA 01420-2679

For more information, email the Mail Center or call 978.665.3204.


All residence halls are equipped with washers and dryers. The fee to wash and dry laundry is $1.75. Laundry machines only accept OneCard payments. All machines have OneCard readers so you can add money to your Fitchburg Gold account. The only exceptions are Cedar Street House and the North Street Apartments, which have their own machines that can be used at no cost to the residents who live in those buildings.

You can monitor the status of your laundry using the Laundry feature on our mobile app/website.

If there are any problems with the washers and dryers, students can submit work orders through the LaundryView website.


For safety and security purposes, all exterior doors on campus are locked 24 hours a day. Any entrance into any residence halls must be made through the building's main entrance. Your OneCard will provide you with access to the building where you live but not into any other residence hall. Make sure that you carry your OneCard with you at all times.

Aubuchon Hall, Herlihy Hall, Mara Village 8, and Russell Towers have front desk services that provide additional security from 3:00pm until 9:00am by checking OneCards and registering guests into the building, as well as monitoring the front entrance of the building.

Operation I.D.

Operation I.D. is a program that engraves residents' valuable possessions to deter theft. This program is sponsored by University Police and the Office of Housing and Residential Services. Campus Police will engrave your items at your request and provide you with the means to record the serial numbers of your valuable equipment.

Student Security Officers

Campus Police also sponsors a student volunteer escort program that is available on most weeknights to provide assistance for students wanting to travel across campus in the evening. If you are looking to get an escort by a Student Security Officer or by Campus Police when the campus shuttle service is not running, please call 978.665.3111.


A parking permit is required to park in any of the parking lots on the main campus. Visit the Parking Services page for parking information and regulations.

Vendor Services

Linen Program

All bedrooms within the residence halls are equipped with extra-long twin sized beds, which require extra-long linens to comfortably fit the mattress. The Office of Housing and Residential Services has made arrangements with Residence Hall Linens to reserve high-quality, affordable, and custom-fitted linens to our residents. Residents should be receiving letters and an order form over the summer that describes the products and packages that are available. These linens can be delivered to your home.

The mattress dimensions are 79 inches long, 36 inches wide, and 6 inches high.

For more information, visit our linens, laundry and insurance services page.


Fitchburg State University and the Office of Housing and Residential Services do not assume responsibility for the loss of or damage to personal items through fire, water, theft, or any other cause. Residents and their families are encouraged to secure property insurance coverage through a homeowner policy or to purchase a separate plan, such as the type that is available from a personal property insurance program.

For more information about personal property insurance, contact an insurance agent, or view the nationally available programs listed on our linens, laundry and insurance services page.