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Psychological Science

Requires a minimum of 39 credits in Psychological Science
Curriculum Details, B.A.
Curriculum Details, B.S.


PSY1100 Introduction to Psych. Science
MATH1700 Applied Statistics

*Do not count toward the 39 credits required to complete the major

Required Core Courses

All Psychological Science majors must take the following courses:

Course # Course Name Cr.
PSY2000 Research Design & Analysis I (Prereqs: Min 2.0 in both PSY1100 and MATH1700) 4 cr.
PSY2100 Research Design & Analysis II (Prereq: Min 2.0 in PSY2000) 4 cr.
PSY2030 Biological Psychology 3 cr.
PSY3415, 3501, 3505, or 3555 Lab course (Prereqs: Min 2.0 in MATH1250, 1300, 1700, 1800, 2100, or higher) 1 cr.
PSY4000 History & Systems of Psychology (Prereqs: Jr./Sr. standing, min. 2.0 in both PSY2000 and 2100, completion of at least on 3000-level PSY course) 3 cr.
PSY4810, 4820, 4900, or 4904 Capstone course 3-6 cr.

Required Foundation and Elective Courses*

Students may major in Psychological Science without a concentration or may pick from either the Cognitive Science or Applied Psychology concentrations. The requirements for each option are listed below:

Psychological Science Cognitive Science Applied Psychology
Foundation Course PSY3050 Cognitive Neuroscience PSY2300 Psych. of Personality or 2500 Social Psychology
Foundation Course PSY3430 Sensation & Perception PSY3500 Psychology of Learning
Foundation Course PSY3550 Cognition Applied Psych. Course
PSY3430, 3500, 3530, or 3550 Foundation Course Applied Psych Course
Foundation or Elective Foundation Course Adv. Applied Psych Course
Foundation or Elective Foundation or Elective Foundation Course
Foundation or Elective Foundation or Elective Foundation or Elective

*At least one course must be a designated Developmental course (PSY1200, 2010, 2220, 2230, or 2840).

Foundation Courses

PSY1200 Lifespan Development PSY3430 Sensation & Perception
PSY2001 Memory PSY3500 Psychology of Learning
PSY2300 Psychology of Personality PSY3530 Motivation
PSY2350 Abnormal Psychology PSY3550 Cognition
PSY2500 Social Psychology    

Elective Courses

Applied Psychology Courses:

PSY2015 Introduction to I/O Psychology
PSY2370 Psychology of Human Relations
PSY2665 Health Psychology
PSY3200 Developmental Psychopathology

Advanced Applied Psychology Courses:

PSY3000 Advanced I/O Psychology (Prereqs: PSY2015 and 2100)
PSY3100 Clinical Psychology (Prereqs: PSY2100 and 2350)
PSY3150 Psychological Science in the Schools (Prereqs: PSY2100 and 2010, 2230, or 2840)

Lab Courses:

PSY3415 Sensation & Perception Lab
PSY3501 Psychology of Learning Lab
PSY3505 Motivation Lab
PSY3555 Cognition Lab

Additional Electives:

PSY2010 Child Development
PSY2110 Intro to Research Methods
PSY2220 Adult Development & Aging
PSY2230 Adolescent Development
PSY3010 Consciousness
PSY3050 Cognitive Neuroscience
PSY4800 Teaching Practicum (6 cr.)
PSY4803 Teaching Practicum (3 cr.)
PSY4975 Directed Study (1-6 cr.)

Capstone Courses:

PSY4810 Practicum (3 cr.)
PSY4820 Practicum (6 cr.)
PSY4900 Independent Study (1-6 cr.)
PSY4904 Advanced Seminar (3 cr.)
PSY4950 Internship in Psych (6 cr.)
PSY4949 Internship in Psych (9 cr.)
PSY4960 Internship in Psych (12 cr.)

Note: Students must also take a Listening & Speaking course (PSY2370, HMSV2500, SPCH1000, 1100, 1400, 1600, or 2600).

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