Liberal Arts and Sciences Council


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The Liberal Arts and Sciences Council is a body appointed by the All University Committee (AUC) and charged by the administration to research, plan, and implement alterations to the Liberal Arts and Sciences program. While it has no authority to authorize policy, it recommends policy to the AUC. As part of the course approval process, the LA&S Council makes recommendations concerning LA&S requests for courses—whether a course should receive cluster approval or broad LA&S approval. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the AUC Curriculum Committee and of the AUC itself to approve LA&S course requests. It is also part of the Council's responsibilities to plan and implement the assessment process for the LA&S core program.

LA&S Current Issues

LA&S Redesign Process

About the LA&S Program

2018-19 Liberal Arts and Sciences Council Membership

  • Jennifer Berg
  • Chris Cratsley (co-chair)
  • Rala Diakite
  • Emma Downs
  • Elizabeth Gordon
  • Lynne Kellner
  • Michael Lee
  • Benjamin Lieberman
  • Christa Marr
  • Joann Nichols
  • Robert Shapiro
  • David Svolba
  • Elisabet Takehana
  • Kisha Tracy (co-chair)
  • Danielle Wigmore
  • Franca Barricelli 
  • Bruno Hicks
  • Sean Goodlett
  • Pam McCafferty
  • John Schaumloffel

AUC Approval Documents

LA&S Self-Study Process