Web4 (Self-Service Banner)

What is Web4?

Web4 is a web-based interface to the University's student records system (Banner). Login to Web4
  1. Browse to the Web4 website
  2. Click Enter Secure Area
  3. Enter your Student ID (on your OneCard, for example @00000000)
  4. Enter your six-digit PIN
    • The first time you log in, your default PIN is your birth date in the format mmddyy
    • You'll be prompted to create a new six-digit PIN and a security question and answer that you'll use if you forget your new PIN

Once you have entered your ID and PIN, you may be told that your old PIN has expired. You must choose a new student PIN. Your PIN must be exactly six characters (numbers or letters or a combination of both).

If you have entered a new PIN twice, you will be brought to a Login Verification Security and Answer screen. You will need to create a question and response to regain access if you forget your student PIN. The new student PIN will be the one you will use on the web.

Contact the Help Desk if you need help with your PIN.

Web4 for Students

After logging into Web4, you can access your grades, academic history, personal information, class schedule and more. Here are instructions on how to do some common tasks:
  1. Login to Web4
  2. Click Student
  3. Click Registration
  4. Click Add/Drop Classes
  5. Click College Scheduler
  1. Login to Web4
  2. Click Personal Information at the top of the screen
  3. Select a menu option and follow the instructions—you can change your pin, and view other personal information such as your address and email
  1. Login to Web4
  2. Click Student
  3. Click Student Records
  4. Click Final Grades
  5. Select the current term and click Submit.
    : Any grades submitted for that semester will display. If the term is not an available option then no grade has yet been submitted for that semester.
  1. Login to Web4
  2. Click Student
  3. Click Student Records
  4. Click Academic Transcript
  5. Choose your transcript level (or leave All Levels to see both Undergraduate and Graduate)
  6. Click Submit
  1. Login to Web4
  2. Click Student
  3. Click View Charges and Make Payments
  4. Click View Charges - Pay Bill to access the secure payment website where you'll see your balance.
  5. To view your account, click View Current Activity (to the right of the balance due).

To make a payment:

  1. Click Make a Payment.
  2. Click Pay (next to the balance due).
  3. Follow the instructions for making your payment.
  4. Once your payment information is received, you'll receive an email at your Fitchburg State email account.

Contact Student Accounts if you have questions regarding your balance due or payment.

Web4 for Faculty

Login to Web4 to enter grades, access your class roster, view your advisees' information and more.

When accessing the documents below, you'll be prompted for credentials. Enter the following:
Username: fscad\ followed by your Falcon Key username (e.g. fscad\ffalcon)
Password: Falcon Key password

You have three opportunities to successfully access the document. If you enter the wrong user name and/or password three times in succession, access will be denied and you will have to try again later.

More documents are available on the faculty forms page. Use your Falcon Key username and password to login.