Faculty Research and Scholarship Award

Adem Elveren headshot
Adem Elveren headshot

I have always been interested in social and economic inequalities as someone raised in a poor family in an underdeveloped city in Turkey.

Adem Elveren
Winner of the 2023 Faculty Award for Research and Scholarship

Purpose of Award

To recognize and encourage excellence in faculty scholarship.


Faculty members who have held full-time, continuous appointments at Fitchburg State for a minimum of five years. Previous recipients will not be eligible for a period of five years.

Nomination Procedure

To nominate yourself or another faculty member for this prestigious award, address a letter to the Faculty Research and Scholarship Award Committee, ℅ Joanne Rivard (jrivard@fitchburgstate.edu), by December 1, 2023. Nominated faculty will be notified of their nomination in the following week in an email from the office of the provost that also seeks their acceptance of the nomination.

Application Procedure

Nominees shall submit a dossier with a curriculum vitae, supporting documentation, and a letter of collegial testimony to the Faculty Research and Scholarship Award Committee, ℅ Joanne Rivard (jrivard@fitchburgstate.edu), by January 16, 2024.

Description of the Award

Recipients are faculty with a meritorious record of academic research, creative activity, scholarship, and mastery of subject matter. The awardees characterize the essence of teacher scholars who draw on the research, scholarship, and/or creative activity to inform and improve student learning through shared study, experimentation and analysis.

Composition of the Award Committee

The Vice President for Academic Affairs and previous years' recipients will review applications and nominations. Each year, the most recent recipient is added to the selection committee.

Supporting Materials

Each applicant should provide sufficient supporting material for the committee to evaluate. Such material should include at least the following information:

  • A brief statement to summarize and contextualize the applicant's scholarship while highlighting both their eligibility for the award and their meritorious record.
  • A curriculum vitae or resume, which must include a record of the applicant’s research and/or creative activity.
  • Documentation to support the applicant’s accomplishments in the area of research and/or creative activity.

Excellence in research, scholarship and/or creative activity is measured by contributions to the knowledge and/or practice of the discipline, evidenced by published peer-reviewed research, juried exhibitions, collegial testimony, or other methods of external validation.


  • 2023 - Adem Elveren (read more)
  • 2022 - Samuel Tobin
  • 2021 – Michael Hove
  • 2020 – Catherine Buell
  • 2019 – Kisha Tracy
  • 2018 – Kate Rye Jewell
  • 2017 – Teresa Fava Thomas
  • 2016 – Eric Budd
  • 2015 – Jeffrey Warmouth
  • 2014 – Benjamin Railton
  • 2013 – Michael Hoberman
  • 2012 – Susan Williams
  • 2011 – Joshua Spero
  • 2010 – Jannette McMenamy
  • 2009 – Susan Wadsworth
  • 2008 – Maria Jaramillo
  • 2007 – Christopher Cratsley
  • 2006 – Robert Wellman
  • 2005 – Benjamin Lieberman
  • 2004 – Paul Weizer
  • 2003 – Robin Dinda
  • 2002 – Cynthia Tower-Crosson
  • 2001 – Nancy Wiegersma
  • 2000 – Howard Thomas

If you have any questions, please email Joanne Rivard at jrivard@fitchburgstate.edu.