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Lenel OnGuard & B.A.S.I.S. Users Group

The Lenel OnGuard™ and Stanley BASIS™ email LISTSERV is an electronic mail posting service created to facilitate the exchange of information regarding Lenel’s OnGuard and Stanley’s BASIS access control and alarm software. This LISTSERV is open to Higher Education software end-users only. Members are welcome to share their questions, ideas and experiences with the group. The LISTSERV is hosted by Fitchburg State University and managed by its OneCard Office.

Subscription to the list is not automatic and a request must be submitted to the moderator. See instructions below.

Any problems with the LISTSERV should be directed to Stefan Dodd via email at

LISTSERV Instructions

To Join

Send an email message to with the word "subscribe" in the message subject.

To confirm your identity and prevent third parties from subscribing you to the list against your will, an email message with a confirmation code will be sent to the address you specified. Simply wait for this message to arrive, then click on the link within the body of the email Once this has been done your request will then be sent for approval. Once your request has been approved you will be added to the LISTSERV and a confirmation email will be sent to you.


To join the Lenel OnGuard and BASIS Users LISTSERV via our web page, visit the Subscription Management page.

How to Collaborate

To submit an email to the LISTSERV, simply address the email to (Note: you must be subscribed to the list.)

The Lenel OnGuard and Stanley Security Solutions B.A.S.I.S. LISTSERV is setup to mimic a "forum," where public discussion is actively encouraged, and by hitting the "reply" key or button will automatically direct replies back to the list. Don't be shy! People will not get upset at you for contributing. The best way to respond is by using the "reply" function of your mail program (which is sometimes called "answer," "respond" or something similar). This way the message subject is preserved and the other subscribers can see that your message is a reply to the original question. You can of course post a new message, but you will then have to retype the subject, and if you enter something slightly different people may not realize it is a reply to a previous post.

How to Make Changes

To make changes to your LISTSERV settings please revisit the HELUG main page.

From here you can change to a digest email instead of real-time. With a "digest" subscription, you receive larger messages at regular intervals, usually once per day or once per week. These "digests" are collections of individual list postings. You can also change the header of the email from this website.

How to Remove Yourself from HELUG

You may leave the list at any time by sending an email to and placing the phrase “SIGNOFF HELUG” (without the quotes) in the body of the email


By visiting the Subscription Management page. Enter your name and email address and then click “Leave HELUG” at the bottom of the page.


Click here for the List Subscriber’s Manual (PFD). The LOBU LISTSERV is run by L-Soft software.


The Lenel OnGuard and Stanley BASIS LISTSERV user group will adhere to the Fitchburg State University Electronic Mail Service Policy (click the link for complete policy guidelines). Misuse or abuse of the LISTSERV may result in dismissal.