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Housing and Residential Services

Our mission within the Office of Housing and Residential Services at Fitchburg State University is to provide the best possible living environment, at a reasonable cost, that supports the academic endeavors and personal growth of the individual residents.

Living On Campus

The residence halls at Fitchburg State University are a "home away from home" for our students. Our residence halls are also a place for students to grow personally and professionally, and to meet life-long friends. Learn more about the Residence Halls that Fitchburg State University has to offer.

2018-2019 Occupancy Agreement and Rates:

2018-2019 Housing Occupancy Agreement (PDF)

2018-2019 Housing and Meal Plan Rates (PDF)

2019-2020 Occupancy Agreement and Rates:

2019-2020 Housing Occupancy Agreement (PDF)

2019-2020 Housing and Meal Plan Rates (TBD)