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Resources For Careers In Mathematics

There is a wide diversity of careers that a student with a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics can explore. Traditionally, students with a degree in Mathematics become teachers, actuaries, computer programmers or work with other scientists. The following gives a list of websites to explore other options.

MAA (Mathematical Association of America) Careers Site

AMS (American Mathematical Society) Career Page

SIAM Career Page
This career page is from the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Many of the careers listed here are more on the applied side.

The Best Careers for Math Majors in 2018: What Can You Really do with a Math Degree?

Careers in Mathematics - explores potential career paths for people who love math, listing and detailing different careers with information about job growth, educational requirements, and salaries.

Other resources for math careers and opportunities including internships and research:

Association for Women in Mathematics
American Statistical Association
Association for Computing Machinery
American Mathematical Association
Pathways to Science
Careers for Numbers People
Career Cornerstone Center