Coronavirus Information 2023-24

COVID update, Fall 2023

Fitchburg State no longer requires that students, faculty, librarians, staff, and campus visitors provide evidence of completion of their primary vaccination series. However, we strongly recommend everyone continue to stay up to date with their COVID vaccinations and follow all recommendations set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Faculty and students who participate in clinical settings where the vaccine is required will need to follow their agency’s vaccine requirements.

Faculty, librarians, staff, and students do not need to report positive test results. If you believe you have been exposed to COVID or are feeling unwell, please follow CDC guidelines to care for yourself and those around you. Students experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should contact Community Health Connections at 978.878.8100 or their healthcare provider to schedule an evaluation. Students may isolate on campus with a mask for the medically recommended period of time.

Fitchburg State continues to be a mask-friendly campus; individuals may choose to wear a mask at any time. 

The university has a limited number of test kits available for members of the campus community at the following locations:

  • Housing and Residential Services
  • Hammond Info Desk
  • Human Resources
  • Student Affairs

Additional Resources:

Human Resources Update, Sept. 28, 2023

Fitchburg State Community,

As we are approaching cold and flu season, it seems a good time to share information about community and personal wellness.

Our flu and COVID vaccination clinic for students and employees provided by Hannaford Pharmacy is scheduled for the afternoon of October 17 and morning of October 18. Watch for more details and sign up opportunities.

Employees who are not feeling well, are encouraged to seek medical attention as appropriate. If you are well enough to continue to come to campus, please strongly consider wearing a mask to protect those around you. Employee who need to remain out of work should contact their supervisors per the departmental procedures.

Students have been notified that if they have an illness that requires them to be away from campus, they should contact their faculty members. Faculty may ask students to don a mask in their classroom when they are also wearing a mask. Masks can be obtained from the Hammond Information Desk, Human Resources, Student Affairs, and Housing & Residential Services.

Because COVID has moved to the endemic stage, there are no specific guidelines regarding isolation and quarantine. If you have COVID, the Centers for Disease Control has a helpful isolation and exposure calculator that will help you determine your next steps. 

Fitchburg State will continue to provide COVID tests while supplies last from the Hammond Information Desk, Human Resources, Student Affairs, and Housing & Residential Services.

Sanitizing stations can be found around campus. And we urge you to continue to diligently wash hands throughout the day.

There is so much evidence that Falcons care. Thank you for your consideration as a member of our community.

Jessica Murdoch
Vice President for Human Resources and Payroll Services