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Residential Learning Communities (RLCs)

Residential Learning Communities create an unique and intentional environment. The foundation of these communities are grounded through a shared interest with a common goal, to support each member’s success as they have defined it for themselves.

The framework of these diverse communities is operated through one of these main programmatic structures: affinity housing, living/learning, or theme housing. Members are able to see each other during the roommate selection process and are placed within a designated residence hall area.

A Resident Assistant is assigned to each community to guide their programming, coordinate a network of resources, and assess member’s achievements of the learning outcomes. Residential Learning Communities facilitates the journey of finding a sense of belonging and eases the transition to college life.

New Students



An academic integrated community focused on the nursing profession.Community creates a space for shared knowledge and academic support for first year courses within the major.

Falcon Forge

A community shaped by the desire to imagine, create and integrate technology and new processes to engage in our every day lives. The incubator environment shifts with purpose from think tank, work space and establishing a marketing platform for exposure and consumption.


A living and learning space for students who exhibit high academic achievement. The community creates support and study initiatives to facilitate the forward movement of knowledge.

First Year Residential Experience

The community creates a holistic wellness environment to support residents with their transition to college. Campus Partners are incorporated into the high touch framework of structured program delivery. Residents are able to discuss within an intimate environment challenges and concerns with navigating college. Members of the community are followed up on their academic progression including mid-semester reports and Fall final examination.


The community promotes the education, awareness and acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ culture. Community allys are welcome as members. Members of the community strives to a better understanding of self and their intersecting identies.

Teach Today

All members of society are educators. The ability and willingness to teach others is the foundation of this community. The community supports all majors whose professional endeavors is to teach/instruct on any intentional level. Traditional teaching methods such as the classroom and progressive teaching such as peer education (community base teaching) is welcome into the space.


The community incorporates the education, creative technology and marketing of the gaming dynamic to expose the community members beyond the controllers. Members socialize and network  through shared classes and community game meet-ups!

Fitch Fit

Residents will focus on the fitness of the mind, body and spirit. Residents with interest in active physical participation and the knowledge awareness/education of health will find the community to incorporate their needs in the programming and social engagement opportunities offered.

Academic Success

Integrating academics into the residential living experience is implemented throughout all housing programming. This community provides an intensive level of support and focus on academics through community based and proctored study halls, shared exam study groups and peer based accountability. Community members established personal academic goals each semester with a reflective/evaluation period.

Health Professions

Establishes a residential cohort for students with a shared interest in career fields such as Medical, Dental, Physical Therapy, Pharmacy, Veterinary and Physician Assistant. The community cultivates a dynamic environment for residents who plan to pursue a pre-allied health course of study at Fitchburg State.

Service, Justice & Community

Strives to create an intersection of thoughts and opinions towards how society is impacted by legislation. A great opportunity for residents civic engagement/public service related professions including: public office, lawyers, police/law enforcement, social work and political science instructors.

Substance Free

Community members of this community take a loyal pledge to not smoke, participate in unauthorized drug use and alcohol. Participation includes possession, consumption and being in environments where these activities are occurring so to not transition the by-products of such activities into their residential living space (i.e. smells or second-hand intake).

Upper-Class Students

2nd Year Nursing

Community members of the Health Science Community are invited to a 2nd-Year Experience that is self-govern and supported by the housing team. The community members establish their semester goals and provides a routine update to staff on their achievement.

Gender Inclusive Living

Gender Inclusive Housing creates a welcoming space for residents who wish to reside within a residential space that is not structured around the traditional binary gender.

Honors Sophomore

Community members provides mentor support to first year members of the Honors LLC. Learning as well as teaching is incorporated into the experience to support the educational acquisition of knowledge.


This residential facility provides an upper class cohort environment. The collective placement of transfer students supports specialized programming, creating a social network and exploring campus clubs and organizations.