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Expanding Horizons

The Expanding Horizons Program (EHP) is a TRiO Student Support Services program designed to promote the academic success of Fitchburg State University students who complete an application and meet the following criteria below. Please fill out the EHP application found to the right for the year in which you are applying to EHP.

  • Qualify as low-income according to Department of Education guidelines OR
  • Are a first-generation University student (neither parent has completed a four-year college degree) OR
  • Are a student diagnosed with a disability AND
  • Demonstrate an academic need for the program such as having a low high school or university GPA or SAT score or by placing into developmental courses. Developmental courses include Basic Reading, Basic Writing, Basic Math I or II. Students with a major which requires a higher minimum GPA such as: Exercise Sports Science, Game Design, Nursing, Education, Communications or Human Services may also qualify.

Our Mission

Expanding Horizons (EHP) is a TRIO Student Support Services Program designed to approach student learning and development utilizing holistic methods. Through proactive advising modalities and individualized support plans, students partner with EHP staff to fully realize their innate propensity for academic, career, and personal growth. A sense of belonging is the foundation of EHP’s structured experiences which draw upon and enhance students’ connection to the campus community, while illuminating individual pathways to their potential and success.

Our Services

  • Pre-semester orientation for eligible Freshman and Transfer Students.
  • Academic counseling including study skills and time management training.
  • Assistance from a Professional Math Tutor.
  • Pre-advising for course selection.
  • Graduate school counseling.
  • Peer to Peer Group Learning.
  • Mid-semester progress reports from faculty.
  • Financial aid advising and financial literacy education.
  • Social and cultural activities and events.
  • Peer Mentor Program

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