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Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness

As a valued member of the Fitchburg State University Community, the Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness (CDI) lays the foundation for Fitchburg State to be a place that creates and nourishes a culturally diverse community by educating students, faculty and staff so that attitudes of racism, bigotry, hate, prejudice, and intolerance, on any level, are overcome. The center coordinates and maintains a campus-wide program that reflects the University's mission to support the development of the whole person, by engaging students, in an inclusive environment, through the promotion of active involvement, collaboration, education and leadership opportunities and ensuring each students goal fulfillment. The center will provide the tools of understanding, sensitivity, and acceptance to diversity in its many varied forms. It is CDI's mission to the Fitchburg State student, and its community, that they:

  • Be exposed to cultural diversity
  • Learn to be accepting of people and ideas not their own
  • Acquire sensitivity and knowledge of cultural differences
  • Develop techniques on how to best deal with diversity issues
  • Advance your personal skills and demonstrate competencies' in understanding diversity
CDI is my "go to" place, especially after a tough day! It is also the place where I get the necessary encouragement, and guidance.
–Michelle Valentin
Latin American Student Organization

The members of the Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness will design, plan, and oversee the delivery of various programs such as Heritage Month Celebrations, multicultural education, and cultural activities designed to contribute to a positive campus culture of appreciation and respect for differences. The center advices active, diverse student organizations such as Black Student Union, Latin American Student Organization, Focus On Faith, Asian Cultural Society, World Integrated Nations, and Gay Straight Alliance on topics such as program planning, leadership development, heritage celebration, etc., including such multicultural events as Latin American Heritage Month, Black History Month, Native American Month, Asian Pacific Month, Woman's History Month, and Gay Pride Week.

CDI recognizes me as an individual. Jamie has always helped me meet the challenges of my studies, along with mixing in a whole lot of fun into my day. CDI rocks!
–Ulrich Mbakop, Senior Biology Major & FWS Student

Anyone interested in admission to the university and the Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness or to tour the school should contact: Fitchburg State University Admissions 1-800-705-9692 or the Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness directly on 978-665-3399, 978-665-3701 (phone). CDI maintains an open door policy to assist students in improving and enhancing their experiences here at Fitchburg State. The staff is equipped with the skill sets necessary to dismantle existing stereotypes. You are encouraged to learn more about yourself and others through interactions with a diverse mix of students and collaboration with other organizations.

Jamie Cochran has been with Fitchburg State University for over 20 years and worked 10 years with state financial and higher education authorities. She holds a Master's in Economics and brings experience working with students of color and advocating for their needs as university students. This, coupled with her dedication to the learners of today, lends itself to a very successful program history.

The Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness is located in Hammond Hall room G04.

If interested in setting up an appointment to meet with the students and staff to learn more about the center, please contact us directly on 978-665-3399,3701 or email Jamie Cochran at

We look forward to meeting you, and becoming friends.

The Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness events include:

  • CDI Leadership Retreat
  • Telling our Stories: A collaborative project between CDI & the Fitchburg State Community
  • CDI got Talent!
  • Read to Lead Book Club Series
  • Orientation/Reception for freshmen and upperclassmen
  • "Chill by the Grill" winter barbecue