Faculty Resources for Online Teaching

This webpage is meant to serve as a virtual handbook that will provide guidance for online teaching at Fitchburg State. We welcome your feedback on the contents of this web page and see it as a dynamic resource that will be continually updated. We wish you success with your online teaching and hope you enjoy the experience with your students.

We are thrilled that you are interested in or currently teaching online. Over the past ten years at Fitchburg State University, there has been tremendous growth in online courses and programs. Students continue to look for options to further advance their learning and education, and for many, the availability of online courses is essential.

Training Resources

New to Online Teaching?

Digital Learning has created a faculty training opportunity around Online Education Standards and Best Practices (OESP). This online training module is available in Blackboard and those who complete it will receive a certificate of completion. To find out about this and other professional development opportunities, please contact Digital Learning

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