Disability Accommodations

What are Academic and Environmental Accommodations?

Disability Services provides reasonable and appropriate accommodations for qualified Fitchburg State students allowing equal access to all university programs and services.

Additional Information

Housing and Testing Accommodations

New and Returning Students Requesting Housing Accommodations

Newly accepted students to Fitchburg State need to register with Disability Services in order to request a disability related accommodation for housing by May 1. Please send documentation from your provider which clearly states your diagnosis, as well as the reason this housing request is an accommodation for your disability. Please complete the form below (in addition to the Disability Registration Form) if you are requesting new housing.

Returning students will need to confirm their continued need for housing accommodations with Disability Services on a yearly basis. Please complete form below and schedule a meeting with Disability Services Director.

Housing Accommodation Appeal Policy

Student requests for disability-related housing accommodations are reviewed by the Residential Accommodation Committee. The Committee reviews documentation submitted by the student in support of the accommodation request, and recommendations regarding accommodations are forwarded from the Committee to the Housing and Residential Life Office in a timely manner, so as to allow housing assignments to take place as necessary.

Housing accommodation decisions may be appealed within 7 working days of notification. To pursue an appeal of a housing accommodation decision, a student should submit additional information to support their accommodation request, including additional documentation from a medical (or other professional) provider that clearly indicates how a specific housing accommodation alleviates or mitigates symptoms of the student’s disability. Appeals should be submitted, in writing, to the Associate Dean for Student Development and Residence Life for consideration.

Once an appeal is received, the Associate Dean for Student Development and Residence Life will review the appeal in light of all available and relevant information, and will either uphold the original recommendation/accommodation as determined by the Residential Accommodation Committee, or revise the accommodation. The Associate Dean for Student Development and Residence Life, at his or her discretion, may consult with the Residential Accommodation Committee regarding additional documentation provided in support of an appeal. The decision regarding appeals to the Associate Dean for Student Development and Residence Life will be considered final.

The Associate Dean for Student Development and Residence Life will notify the student in writing of the University’s final decision. The appeals process should be completed within 30 days from the time the appeal is received by the Associate Dean.  

If you are a student with a documented disability and would like to request accommodations for the required placement test, you must submit a request to Disability Services. Your supporting disability documentation will be reviewed, and if approved, accommodations will be provided by the staff of Disability Services.

Disability Services Testing email testing@fitchburgstate.edu or call 978.665.4020 . We are located in Hammond Hall 303.


  • Accommodations for exams must be requested every semester. Please schedule an appointment to meet with the Director of Disability Services at the beginning of each semester to request testing accommodations. One agreement form per class is required.
  • Once you have met with the Director of Disability Services and have your accommodation forms, take your letters to each professor. Meet with your professors within the first two weeks of class, preferably during their office hours, to discuss your test accommodations. Your instructor can also proctor the exam, with the accommodations outlined on your agreement. Professors are not obligated to allow accommodations without an agreement.
  • Make sure your professor completes and signs the testing accommodation form. This form must be returned to Disability Services before your exam.

Scheduling Exams with the Disability Services Office

Phone number, office location, and the testing email address are listed at the bottom of this page.

  • Exams will be administered Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., or by special arrangement. All exams are administered in Disability Services unless otherwise arranged. The Disability Services Office will proctor exams with accommodations by appointment only with 7 days advance notice.
  • It is the student's responsibility to provide their professor with the faculty/student testing accommodation agreement.
  • A request for alternate test materials must be made when scheduling the exam. 
  • Please note: If the accommodation is not requested in a timely manner, and the form is not signed in a timely manner, the professor and Disability Services are not responsible for scheduling the exam per your request. Instead you may receive test accommodations that do not include all of your preferences or your professor may proctor your exam.
  • It is your responsibility to insure the return of the exam accommodation form to Disability Services.
  • The Disability Services Office does not guarantee the provision of exam proctoring for incomplete or late requests.
  • Students are expected to begin the exam at the same time as the scheduled class time. If you are late, the following alternatives may apply.
    • You may take the test using the remaining time.
    • You may reschedule the exam in order to receive the full allotted time, with instructor approval.
  • Changes/cancellations to the faculty/student alternative testing agreement (e.g. notes permitted, open book, additional time, rescheduling time and/or date of the exam due to illness or an emergency, etc.) are only permitted with written professor approval. All of the above require notification to both the Disability Services Office and your instructor via phone, email, or a note written and signed by your professor. If an exam is cancelled or rescheduled by the professor, please notify the Disability Services Office.
  • Students must notify the Disability Services Office if they will be more than 15 minutes late. Continual tardiness will be documented and if late more than 3 times during the semester, consequences apply.
  • Final exams are administered during finals week. Please schedule your exams 7 days in advance.

Taking the Exam

  • Only testing materials are allowed in the testing rooms. All other belongings, including but not limited to coats, purses, backpacks, cell phones, smart watches, and all other electronic devices, etc. are secured in the Disability Services Office.
  • When suspected or confirmed cheating, the exam is stopped, documented and reported to the instructor.
  • Students are expected to uphold the integrity of the examination process and are subject to procedures for academic integrity as outlined in the Fitchburg State University Student Handbook.*

Students are expected to understand and follow the above guidelines. Students who violate these guidelines may have services suspended.

*Academic Integrity Policy

Every member of the university community is expected to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity. Talking during an examination, or possession or use of unauthorized materials or equipment during an examination constitutes an infringement of the academic integrity policy. Aiding and abetting academic dishonesty also constitutes a violation of the academic integrity policy. 
*To read the policy in full go to pages 4 to 5 of the Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Process Handbook and pages 43 and 44 of the Student Handbook.

Please include the following information in your message or email:

  1. Your name
  2. A phone number where you can be reached
  3. Your class name
  4. The name of the professor
  5. The time, day and date of the exam
  6. Whether you need to reserve a computer for the exam

Testing Checklist (PDF)

Disability Services Testing email testing@fitchburgstate.edu or call 978.665.4020. We are located in Hammond Hall 303.

We recognize the importance of Service Animals and Assistance/Support Animals to individuals with disabilities. Please review the policies, procedures, and guidelines for service and support animals on campus.

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For more information on accommodations and requirements please contact Disability Services.