Career Action Plans

Career Action Plans help you connect your academic studies in your major to career skills and building experiences that prepare you for the workforce. Use the Career Action Plan timeline to explore potential career paths and plan for success during and after your college experience. The Career Action Plan provides suggestions and a place to start the conversation with your advisor, but every person and every career journey is unique. Remember, you do not have to do this all on your own, get the support you need from your departmental academic advisor and from Career Services and Advising (CSA).

Take a look at the suggested activities in the Action Plans below. You do not need to complete all these tasks, but it is a place to start generating ideas. Use the blank My Action Plan tool with your advisor to come up with the action items that are priorities for you, revisit and revise this action plan each semester.

Example of Career Action Plans links to all the action plans are in the text below

Biology Career Action Plan example links to the PDFs are below

Action Plans