Foreign Language Placement Test Policy

Students planning to take French, Spanish or Latin are required to take a placement test if you meet the following conditions:

  • Completed a high school level course in French, Spanish or Latin
  • One of these languages is your native language or you had experience with the language

Students who have not had any formal or informal experience with a Foreign language do not need to take a placement test and may register for French for Beginners (FREN 1000) or Spanish for Beginners (SPAN 1000).

Fitchburg State University uses WebCAPE Language Placement Exams, developed by Humanities Research Center at Brigham Young University. French and Spanish tests, administered through the internet, are designed to determine which language course students should take based on their achievement. The exam presents questions at different levels, adapting the questions according to the students' answers. Immediately after the test you will receive your results and be advised as to the proper Fitchburg State foreign language course that you are required to enroll in based on your placement test score.

Latin is a pencil and paper exam. A Latin score that places the student higher than Intermediate Level 2 satisfies the Foreign Language graduation requirements. All other Latin scores will be used to recommend the appropriate level Latin courses offered at Fitchburg State University.

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP Exam)

Shorten your path to a university degree! If you do well on the Placement Test, you may want to consider taking the CLEP Exam. If you have extensive experience with a Foreign Language, you may earn 3-12 university credits by taking the CLEP Exam. Information on CLEP Exams, Registration, Test Dates and Fees can be obtained at Mount Wachusett Community College.

For more information, call 978.630.9244 or 978.630.9220 or email
Information on CLEP can be found on Collegeboard.