These definitions apply to these terms as they are used in this policy.

Business Expense: A charge for goods or services that fosters or supports the ongoing mission of the University.

Domestic Travel: Travel among any of the fifty United States, its possessions and territories. In the case of grants, domestic travel may be defined in the contractual documents.

Foreign Travel: Travel outside of the United States, its possessions and territories. In the case of grants, foreign travel may be defined in the contractual agreement.

Local Travel: Travel on approved university business in and around your official work place.

Official Travel: Travel on approved university business. Commuting between one's home and regular place of employment is not official travel.

Personal Expense: An expense not related to university business that you, personally, want or need, such as toiletries, newspapers, magazines, laundry services, or entertainment.

Grants: A university project sponsored by a federal or state grant or a contract from a public, private, or corporate party.

Sponsoring Agency: A state, federal or private organization that provides grants or contracts for university projects.

Transaction Authority: Authority given to particular representatives of the University to review and approve certain kinds of financially related transactions that commit the University to spend or receive funds, provide educational or other services, or otherwise utilize its resources. Transaction authority varies throughout the University. Please check your specific departmental guidelines.

Travel Advance Account: An accounts receivable account established for the traveler who receives an advance in the form of a Fitchburg State University check. This method is used only after exhausting all other forms of customary payments. This requires special approval and is given only under extenuating circumstances.

Trip Approval: Departmental authorization to travel on university funds.

Travel Authorization