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Student Pharos Printing

In an effort to reduce both waste and costs, students will be given a $20 print/copy quota each semester. Six Ricoh multifunction machines installed across campus exist solely for students' use and each allow for speedy printing in color or black and white, copying in color or black and white, and scanning in color to your student Gmail account. Unlike the other printers on campus, you release print jobs directly from the Ricoh machines rather than a separate station. These machines are located in:

  • McKay C163 Business Lab
  • Conlon bridge between Fine Arts and Industrial Arts
  • Hammond Library first floor (three available)
  • Antonucci Science Complex (1st floor lounge)

All other printer locations, which are restricted to black and white, are listed here.

Each semester students are given $20; with every print, copy, and scan, that amount is depleted. When the full $20 has been used, students must put additional funds on their OneCard Fitchburg Gold accounts to continue using the printers. The rates for these services are as follows:

  1st Side 2nd Side
Black & White Copy/Print $0.05 Free
Color Copy/Print $0.20 Free
Scan (Color) $0.05 N/A
Plotting $0.23 N/A

Duplex printing is encouraged as it makes it cheaper for both the student and the university. The current print/copy quota allows students to print 800 black and white duplex pages, or 400 black and white single-sided pages.

For additional help, please consult the signs that are posted in every computer lab and near every Ricoh machine. You may also view several instructional videos.

Student Printing Instructions


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