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Student Printing

Printing From Your Device

Mobile printing allows you to send print jobs quickly and securely from your mobile device to a student Ricoh multi-functional device (MFD). Once your print job is sent, you will have four hours to release the document at one of the student Ricoh MFD locations on campus before it's purged from the printing system.

There are three ways to print from a mobile device. Please note: Email print is the only option available when printing from off campus.

Email Print

  1. Send an email to
    • Use your student Gmail account
    • Include the document to be printed as an attachment
  2. You will receive an email when your document is ready to print—this typically takes under five minutes to process.
  3. Visit a student Ricoh MFD to release the print job. Your job will display in the queue giving you the ability to print the email and any attachments.

Email Print Requirements

  • Printing via email can only accept widely used file formats (e.g. .jpeg, .docx, .pdf, etc.).
  • File size is limited to 20MB per email. Paper size and duplexing options are not available.
  • You must convert iOS native application documents (e.g. Pages, Keynote, etc.) and Google Docs before emailing them.

Mobility Print

Print from any Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, iOS, or Android device. Select your device type from the list below for instructions on how to use Mobility Print:

Mobility Print Requirements

  • Mobility Print is only available on the university network.
  • Mobility Print can only accept widely used file formats (e.g. .jpeg, .docx, .pdf, etc.) and is only available where the “Open In…” function is available.
  • You must convert iOS native application documents (e.g. Pages, Keynote, etc.) and Google Docs before printing via Mobility Print.

Web Upload Print

  1. Navigate to the mobile printing website
  2. Login with your Falcon Key username and password
  3. Select “Web Print”
  4. Select “Submit a Job”
  5. Select the “papercut\StudentPrint (virtual)” queue, select your options, and upload your document
  6. Visit a student Ricoh MFD to release the print job

Web Upload Print Requirements

Printing From Lab Computers

Printing from the lab computers is accomplished using the lab's printer and attached print release station. When printing, you will have the ability to choose the print release station corresponding to the lab you're in.

Printer Locations

Ricoh Multi-Function Devices

Several Ricoh multi-function devices (MFD) are installed across campus for students' use.

Student Ricoh MFD Locations

  • McKay C163 Business Lab
  • Conlon Bridge between Conlon Fine Arts and Conlon Hall
  • Hammond Library (3 available)
  • Antonucci Science Center 1st Floor Lounge

Ricoh MFD Features

  • High-speed printing in color or black and white
  • Copying in color or black and white
  • Scanning in color to your student Gmail account

Unlike the other printers on campus, you release print jobs directly from the Ricoh machines rather than a separate station.

    Computer Lab Printers

    Computer lab printers are restricted to black and white printing. Visit the Computer Labs page for a list of locations. Each lab printer is attached to a print release station that is used to release your print jobs.

    Releasing Your Print Job

    Once you've sent your document to print, you may pick it up at a print release station. To release your print job, you must use your OneCard or a Guest Card.

    • Students, faculty, and staff may obtain a OneCard at the OneCard Office in the foyer of Conlon Building.
    • Guests and affiliates of the University may obtain a Guest Card using any of our five CMC's (Card Management Center) located in the foyer of Hammond, the foyer of Conlon Building, the foyer of the Rec Center, Residential Housing Services, the Anthony Building, Holmes Dining Hall, or the McKay C wing Cafe.

    Ricoh Print Pickup Instructions

    1. Go to any Ricoh machine.
    2. Swipe your card on the reader mounted on the side.
    3. To display your balance, select “Device Functions” on the home page. Released print jobs will always deduct from your Print/Copy Quota first; they will only deduct from your Fitchburg Gold if your Print/Copy Quota has been completely spent. Note that the balance displayed is your Print/Copy quota and your Fitchburg Gold combined.
    4. Tap the document you want to print so that the box beside it has a check mark. Your total job cost will be shown at the top of the screen.
    5. Press the Print button on the lower right of the screen. Your document should print from the machine immediately.
    6. Swipe your card through the reader again to logout.

    Lab Printer Pickup Instructions

    1. Go to the print release station you chose when you printed.
    2. Swipe your OneCard or Guest Card using the attached card reader device.
    3. Your balance will be shown on the top left of the screen. Released print jobs will always deduct from your Print/Copy Quota first; they will only deduct from your Fitchburg Gold if your Print/Copy Quota has been completely spent.
    4. Select your print job in the list. It will have the name you gave it when you submitted the print job. You can choose to print individual jobs, or you may select “Print All” at the bottom right of the screen.
    5. Click the “Log out” icon in the upper-left of the screen.
    6. Once you have released your print job, the document will print on the attached printer.

    Print Quotas

    In an effort to reduce both waste and costs, students will be given a $20 print/copy quota each semester. With every print/copy, that amount is depleted. When the full $20 has been used, students must put additional funds on their OneCard Fitchburg Gold accounts to continue using the printers. 

    Printing Rates
    Service 1st Side 2nd Side
    Black & White Copy/Print $0.05 Free
    Color Copy/Print $0.20 Free
    Scan (Color) Free N/A

    Duplex printing is encouraged as it makes it cheaper for both the student and the university. The current print/copy quota allows students to print 800 black and white duplex pages, or 400 black and white single-sided pages.

    For more information on your print quota balance, log in to the mobile printing website. Your balance is displayed under “summary”.

    Additional information can be found on the signs that are posted in every computer lab and near every Ricoh machine.


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