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Sexual Assault

The incidence of sexual assault and rape is high in the college population. The National Institute of Justice has found through research that 1 out of 4 women experiences rape or attempted rape during her college years. Student Health Service (SHS) goal is to provide sensitive and knowledgeable care to students who have been victims of sexual assault.

If you have been assaulted find a safe place and call a trusted friend. Notifying the police is also recommended.

Student Health Services encourages anyone who has been assaulted to obtain medical attention as soon as possible. If you bathe, douche, change clothes or even brush your teeth, important evidence may be destroyed. This evidence is very important when pressing charges, should you decide to do so.

Student Health Services (SHS) staff encourages all survivors to obtain care from a trained Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE). Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners are specially trained to document the victim’s account of the assault, perform medical exams and testing, collect evidence, and if necessary, testify in court. SANE nurses are available at Leominster Hospital,  UMass Medical, Memorial Campus and the Medical School Campus. SHS will provide free transportation to these locations. If one chooses not to travel off campus, SHS will provide STI testing and Emergency Contraception, emotional support and we can assist you with all the available resources on campus. We are open Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 5pm.  SHS can be reached by phone at 978-665-3643/3894. All of our care is confidential.

Fitchburg State University also offers Counseling Services to students as well as a campus wide initiative that offers more information on sexual assault, visit FAVE.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services is open 8:30am to 5pm by appointment and walk-ins from 2p-3p Monday-Friday. They can be reached at 978-665-3152. All information is confidential.

***Here is important information on Sexual Assault Awareness. ***

Important Numbers & Other Sources of Support

On Campus Resources

Counseling Services is open 8:30am to 5pm by appointment and walk-ins from 2p-3p Monday-Friday. They can be reached at 978-665-3152. All information is confidential and the services are free.

Fitchburg State University Campus Police can be reached at 978-665-3111 or on campus at extension 3111.

Off Campus Resources

UMASS: Health Alliance Hospital
60 Hospital Road (978)-466-2000
Leominster, MA 01453

UMASS Hospital University Campus
55 Lake Ave N
Worcester, MA 01655

UMass Hospital Memorial Campus
119 Belmont Street (508) 334-1000
Worcester, MA 01605

On Campus Resources

FSU Dean of Student and Academic Life: William Cummings (978) 665-3236
FSU Title IX Coordinator:  Kristin Murphy (978)665-4141

Other important numbers

Fitchburg Police (978) 345-4355 or 911

Pathways for Change (Rape Crisis Center) 1 (800) 870-5905

YWCA Domestic Violence Services 1 (508) 755-9030

If you were recently sexually assaulted, please contact Fitchburg State Campus Police, Fitchburg Police, Counseling Services or SHS. Also located in various locations around campus are emergency boxes to will provide help.