Undergraduate Research Conference FAQ

Who can present at the conference?

Any current undergraduate student at Fitchburg State University (and the work that the student presents should have been done while an undergraduate student at the university), as long as the student has a faculty sponsor.

What can get presented at the conference?

Any research or creative work done as an undergraduate student while at Fitchburg State can submit to present. The following list are examples of work that may be presented (but is not limited to):

  • Original Research done in a class or as part of a research project or independent study
  • A class project in which a substantial amount of the research was done by the student
  • Creative work (poetry, prose, a play, musical piece, photography, artwork, etc.) created by the student
  • Performance art (scenes from a play, a dance piece, musical piece, poetry reading) performed by the student
  • Internship work (student work during an internship program in which the student has contributed to the work somehow)
  • Study Abroad experiences

Can I submit a group project?

Yes! There is a way to submit multiple students under a single project in the electronic submission form.

The website says that I need a faculty sponsor. Is this my advisor?

Probably not. Your academic advisor helps you select classes. If you are trying to find a sponsor, check with faculty members that teach in the areas that you are interested in. You may ask your academic advisor for suggestions, however.

How do I find a faculty sponsor?

Much work done in a class or as part of a research project will have a faculty member associated with the work. That person should be your advisor. If the work was done independent of a class or research project, you should contact a faculty member in the related discipline. Ask any faculty member in the field (for example, if you want to submit a musical piece, try talking with someone in the Humanities Department).

Does my research require any University approval before I present?

That depends. If you are using human subjects in your research either for biological, cognitive or educational studies or if you give surveys to people to complete, then you must get Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval before you collect your data and present. The IRB will need to see copies of your survey and will require you to watch a quick training video on the ethics of using human subjects. If you are using vertebrate animals, you will need IACUC (animal care) approval before presenting. However, this will likely be taken care of ahead of time by your faculty sponsor.