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4+1 Programs

Begin as a Freshman and Complete as a Masters Degree Graduate

Benefits of a 4+1 Program

  • Guaranteed admission into the graduate program for students who maintain their academic standing and meet admission qualifications.
  • Qualified students move directly from their bachelors degree to their masters program with no additional admission requirements.

4+1 Program Options:

B.S. and M.S. in Criminal Justice - Police Science Concentration

Additional Benefits of this program: Students in this program will complete the Municipal Police Training Committee (MPTC) concentration, which leads to both a master of science in criminal justice and a certificate of completion from the Massachusetts Municipal Police Training Committee.

B.S. Business Administration and MBA

Additional Benefits of this program: Students can take up to 6 graduate credits in their senior year. Students can complete their MBA program in under 12 months, saving time and money.

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