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Video Projects

Supported by the Douglas and Isabelle Crocker Center for Civic Engagement

Antiracism Project

Recruitment video to participate in a survey concerning diversity and inclusion student experiences at Fitchburg State, hosted by the Behavioral Sciences Department.

"O Ye That Love the Lord"

"The Fitchburg State University Choirs and Christ Church Fitchburg collaborated to create a performance from a distance! Each musician's independently-created contribution has been combined to build a performance of Black British composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's (1875-1912) anthem for choir and organ, 'O Ye That Love the Lord' (1892), as a tribute to this musical luminary."

Undergraduate Conference

Undergraduate Conference for Research and Creative Practice

2021 Conference 

Undergraduate Conference logo by Bridie Wolejko, Class of 2020

Artist:  Bridie Wolejko, Class of 2020

When We Were Normal

When We Were Normal: A Historical Augmented Reality Walking Tour

Students in Dr. Elise Takehana's Fall 2017 Experimental Writing and Media Conscious Storytelling courses conducted the initial research on the stories of Fitchburg State, and Faith Chesbrough, Dan Hein, Trevor Murphy, Aaron Canterbury, and Takehana completed the research and wrote the 35 stories included.

"While researching for When We Were Normal we found that Fitchburg Normal School students and their pupils at the elementary and middle practice schools applied their learning to developing the school’s infrastructure, revenue models, and marketing. We thought of our work as part of that legacy."

Many of the stories told here would have been lost to time without the generations of student journalists who documented the life and culture of this campus in ways that official record never would. Any student could write for our current student paper, The Point, and help shape the historical record of this university.

Workshops Bursting at the Seams

"The December 1959 Kampus Vue took readers on a tour of the facilities, noting the pressing need for expansion as Graphics Arts classes had to be taught in the building lobby, electrical and automotive courses ran simultaneously in the same shop, and cars were stored in the metal shop for lack of space in the the automotive shop."

Dorm Rules to Break

"Certainly dormitories have rules, but Miller Hall had a 'housemother' who, true to her name, would mother the residents. Part of her maternal duties included ensuring that the rules were being followed."

Where Do We Put the Men?

"Palmer Hall, designed by renowned Fitchburg architect H.M. Francis, was originally a women’s dormitory. However, by the 1920s the male students began clamouring for their own on-campus housing."

Percival the Teacher, Doctor, and Bugler

"Harold Percival...taught psychology at Fitchburg Normal School from 1928 up until his sudden death in 1955. He served as the Director of Graduate Studies for his last 18 years as a faculty member. Further, he was the first faculty member to hold a doctoral degree, an Ed.D. from Harvard University."