Life Experience Credit Award Program (LECAP)

The LECAP program recognizes that some students may have acquired knowledge and skills through life experiences, which equate to Fitchburg State University course offerings. It allows students the opportunity to have those life experiences evaluated as educational experiences and credited toward an undergraduate degree. Students pay the current undergraduate per-credit tuition, but the fees are waived.


A student may use life experience for an existing university course by using a portfolio. Occasionally, a student may request a course not offered at Fitchburg State University, but is regularly taught at other universities.

You must be matriculated in a program of student at Fitchburg State University to participate in LECAP.

The Massachusetts Board of Higher Education prohibits LECAP credit for the Criminal Justice program.

A portfolio is a collection of materials that represent a student's life experience in a certain subject area.

Please see your academic advisor for more information about the portfolio submission process. They can discuss faculty oversight options for your work on your portfolio.

The first step is to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor and complete the LECAP application (PDF). Select a faculty evaluator within the department from which you desire credits to examine your portfolio. The faculty evaluator responsible for reviewing your portfolio must receive it no later than two weeks prior to the last day of classes for the semester.


You may earn up to 30 credits per undergraduate degree.

The cost per course will be the per-credit tuition, excluding fees. You will receive an email after registration to go online and submit payment.

The grade will be a Pass or Fail. The credits earned are included in your overall credits but are not calculated into your GPA.