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Arts and Sciences Division

A Welcome from the Dean of Arts & Sciences

Welcome to the School of Arts & Sciences at Fitchburg State University. Our dedicated faculty is committed to helping students achieve their greatest potential in programs that encompass the fine and performing arts, humanities, social sciences, and interdisciplinary studies.

With ten undergraduate majors, more than thirty concentrations and minors, and numerous master’s degree and graduate certificate programs, Arts & Sciences engage our students in transformative educational experiences that prepare them for specific careers while also enabling them to understand and shape the complex and changing world in which they live.

Fitchburg State’s foundation in the Liberal Arts allows our students to acquire both breadth of knowledge through general education as well as in-depth study in a specific major. One of the most distinctive features of our educational programs is their focus on the application of learning in authentic public settings, whether through student/faculty collaborative research, hands-on community-based projects, professional internships, publication, or study abroad.

Through any number of such exciting learning opportunities, our students are challenged to think critically and creatively, to solve problems imaginatively, to value diverse perspectives, engage the world ethically – in short, to acquire the knowledge and transferable skills they need to succeed in just about any field of work or area of graduate study, not to mention helping them discover a sense of purpose and commitment in their lives after graduation.

The School also serves as a vibrant cultural and economic catalyst beyond our campus, where thousands of Arts & Sciences alumni are innovators and leaders in communities both near and far.

It’s an exciting time to be a member of Fitchburg State. I encourage you to explore our website and discover the wide range of quality programs offered by the School of Arts & Sciences!

Franca Barricelli, Ph.D
Dean of Arts and Sciences

School of Arts & Sciences Mission 

The School of Arts and Sciences merges scholarship and professional practice in a wide range of innovative programs. Our faculty inspire students to think and communicate clearly, to recognize and value diverse perspectives, and to act creatively when addressing complex problems in their communities and beyond. We prepare students to navigate a world of rapid change, while developing a foundation for a meaningful life.

School Resources

Academic Departments

Explore the academic departments located in the School of Arts and Sciences:

Behavioral Sciences Department (includes the 5 year Criminal Justice Dual Degree program)
Communications Media Department (includes Game Design)
Economics, History & Political Science Department
English Studies Department
Humanities Department