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AUC Academic Policies Subcommittee


2019-2020 Academic Policies Committee Members:

Gerald Higdon Convening:

Robert Carr (Communications Media)
William Cummings (Dean of Students)
Daneen Deptula (Psychological Science)
Rachelle Dermer (Communications Media)
Beverley Hollingsworth (Business Administration)
Walter Jeffko (Chair) (Humanities)
Ruth Joseph (Education)
Amy Kendrick (Nursing)
Linda LeBlanc (Library)
Laurie Link (Education)
Irene Martyniuk (Vice Chair) (English Studies)
Pam McCafferty (Secretary) (Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research & Planning)
Mary Beth McKenzie (Assistant Vice President for Finance & Administration)
Dimitri Moore (Student Representative)
Abdel Mustafa (Engineering Technology)
Ozge Ozay (Economics, History, & Political Science)
Reid Parsons (Earth & Geographic Sciences)
Billy Samulak (Biology/Chemistry)
Britton Snyder (Communications Media)
Jiang Yu (Earth & Geographic Sciences) - Sabbatical Fall 2019
Sani Zuntu (Student Representative)


Committee Meeting Schedule for AUC Academic Policies
(All meetings will be held from 3:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.)

Academic Policies Committee

10-08-19 - Miller Oval - Cancelled
11-12-19 - Miller Oval - Cancelled
11-19-19 - Percival 107
12-10-19 - Miller Oval - Cancelled
02-11-20 - Miller Oval - Cancelled
03-03-20 - Miller Oval
03-26-20 - Google Hangouts / Meet - Cancelled
04-07-20 - Google Hangouts / Meet - Cancelled
04-14-20 - Google Hangouts / Meet 
04-28-20 - Google Hangouts /Meet -Cancelled
05-14-2020 - Google Hangouts / Meet


Current Minutes:

Previous Minutes: