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Alumnus Ben Cezair Thompson performing Macbeth in London

I definitely wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing without my undergraduate experience at Fitchburg State.

His Hour Upon the Stage
Ben Cezair-Thompson '22
Portrait of Hope Miller ‘22

This is one of the few areas in nursing where you have the luxury of time to spend with the patient which is missing from most of healthcare today.

Hope Miller ‘22 found her calling in forensic nursing
Portrait of alumnus Jon Allen and downtown mural

The euphoria of completing a new mural always happens the first moments after you finish the last brush stroke, but as a professional I am always looking forward to the next project.

Bringing Art to Everyone
Jon Allen '12 sees community-building power of art
Portrait of Leominster High School Principal Josh Romano '10 '14

The success I’ve had as an educational leader is so invested in Fitchburg State. I look back very fondly at my time there.

Making a Bigger Impact
Joshua Romano ‘10, ‘14 was named principal of Leominster High School in Fall 2022
Portrait of Sharon Simmons '22

I like to be that person who tries to see everything as an opportunity. I loved the experience, everything about the program worked for me.

Learning Together
Sharon Simmons ‘22 found a community of learners in her MBA program
Portrait of Dayana Carlson 99 06

I want students to leave here prepared, with as many doors open to them as possible.

Where Opportunity Meets Ambition
Dayana Carlson '99, '06 is realizing her greatest ambitions as the first Latina principal at Monty Tech
MBA graduate Katie Richards and family

I hope my story reminds people, and especially other women, that we really can have it all. When someone tells you your plate is too full, remind them that it’s not, and they just aren’t as hungry as you.

No Turning Back
Katie Richards ’20 kept her MBA goal in sight despite challenges
Thumbnail of mural created by alumni and faculty in downtown Fitchburg

The health of a city is often seen mostly in economic terms, but public art projects can shift the focus to the creative, cultural richness of the community and its role in urban revitalization.

Painting a Brighter Future
Alumni and faculty part of public art project in downtown Fitchburg
Alumna Rebecca Hess '22

My political science simulations taught me communications and management skills. Even if I don’t agree with you, I can understand your position so we can try to meet in the middle.

Point of Contact
Rebecca Hess '22 is putting her customer service and political science skills to work