Interesting Facts

Aerial view of the smokestack and tops of buildings on campus

Land area

Location Area
Main Campus 31.4 acres
McKay School 12.0 acres
Athletic Fields 34.8 acres
John Fitch Highway (Simonds Tract) 10.0 acres
Lancaster Land (Marble Tract) 120.3 acres
Lower North Street 5.2 acres
Rindge Road Property 12.5 acres
TOTAL LAND AREA 226.2 acres

Smoke Stack

The smoke stack is a metal, double-walled steel stack that rises 250 feet above the 6-foot concrete base on which it sits.
The little marker lights at the top are 3 feet tall and 1 foot wide.
The stack needs to be this tall to comply with the Department of Environmental Protection Regulations, which state the exhaust opening can be no lower than 25 feet above the closest landmark (the hill).

Elevators - Academic and Administrative buildings

Building Number of Elevators
155 North Street 1 Passenger Elevator
Antonucci Science Complex 1 Passenger Elevator
Conlon Industrial Arts 1 Freight Elevator
Edgerly Hall 1 Passenger Elevator
Hammond Hall 4 Passenger Elevators
Holmes Dining Hall 1 Freight Elevator
Mazzaferro Center 1 Interior Wheelchair Lift
McKay School 1 Freight and 1 Passenger Elevator
Miller Hall 1 Passenger Elevator
Percival 1 Passenger Elevator
Recreation Center 1 Passenger Elevator
Thompson Hall 1 Passenger Elevator

Elevators - Residence halls

Building Number of Elevators
Aubuchon Hall 2 Passenger Elevators
Cedar House 1 Passenger Elevator
Herlihy Hall 1 Passenger Elevator
Mara Commons 1 Passenger Elevator
Mara 8 2 Passenger Elevators
Russell Towers 4 Passenger Elevators
Simmonds Hall 1 Passenger Elevator

Auditoriums/Lecture Halls/Gym Seating Capacities

Building Capacity
Conlon Music Lecture Hall - Kent Recital 286 seats
Science Lecture Hall 136 seats
Weston Auditorium 800 seats
Wallace Theater for Performing Arts 368 seats
McKay Gym 100 seats
Hammond G4, G5 and G6 100 seats
Hammond, Ellis White Lecture Hall 121 seats
Holmes Dining Commons 600 seats
Falcon Hub 207 seats

Where Did That Name Come From?

Campus Memorials:

  • Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio Library - Named for Amelia V. Gallucci-Cirio, Alumna Class of 1938, Benefactor
  • Anthony Student Services Center - Named for Willis B. Anthony, Director of I.A. Dept., Class of 1929
  • Antonucci Science Complex - Named for Robert V. Antonucci, President 2003 - 2015 and his wife Jeanne S. Antonucci
  • Aubuchon Hall Dormitory - Named for William E. Aubuchon Jr., founder of the Mass. State University Board of Trustees (now the Board of Higher Education), and of the Mass. State University Building Authority
  • Condike Wing (Science Complex) - Named for Dr. George F. Condike, Academic Dean 1947-1956
  • Conlon Hall - Named for Florence D. Conlon, Professor of Fine Arts 1919-1961
  • Dupont Facilities Building - Named for John P. Dupont, Chief Power Plant Engineer 1947-1986
  • Edgerly Hall - Named for Joseph Gardner Edgerly, 1838-1922, Superintendent of Fitchburg Public Schools
  • Elliot Field - Named for Robert J. Elliot, Athletic Director 1942-1967
  • Ellis White Lecture Hall - Named for Dr. Ellis White, President 1950-1953
  • Hammond Hall - Named for James J. Hammond, President 1963-1975
  • Herlihy Hall Dormitory - Named for Charles M. Herlihy, President 1927-1945
  • Kent Recital Hall - Named for Richard Kent, Professor of Music 1947-1982
  • Lisciotti Pavilion (Science Complex) - Gregg P. Lisciotti, Benefactor
  • Mara Village - Named for Dr. Vincent J. Mara, President 1976-1995
  • McCluskey Park - Named for Robert McCluskey, Institutional Maintenance Foreman 1964-1994
  • McKay School - Named for Edith F. McKay, who in 1950 donated the land to the City Of Fitchburg for McKay Park; the City sold the land to the State in 1961
  • Parkinson Gymnasium (Recreation Center) - William D Parkinson, President 1920 - 1927
  • Percival Hall - Named for Harry F. Percival, Professor of Psychology 1928-1955
  • Riccards Baseball Field - Michael P. Riccards, President 1995 - 2002
  • Russell Towers Dormitory - Named for Helen Ross Russell, Professor of Biology and Dean of Studies, 1949-1966
  • Sanders Administration - Named for Dr. William J. Sanders, Principal 1945-1950
  • Thompson Hall - Named for John G. Thompson, Principal 1895-1922
  • Townhouses - Named for Counties within Massachusetts
  • Weston Auditorium - Named for Ralph F. Weston, President 1953-1963