Accessibility of Campus Facilities

Aerial drone shot of campus buildings from Cedar St facing smokestack

Fitchburg State University is committed to improving accessibility campus-wide. Disability Services coordinates services for persons with disabilities. This page provides information about building accessibility.

Since the completion of the Thompson Elevator Project, approximately 96% of the Academic and Administrative areas on campus are now accessible.

Accessibility By Building


Accessible Areas

Accessible Restrooms

Anthony All - Ramp Yes
Antonucci Science Complex All - Grade Entrances/Elevators Yes
Conlon Ind. Arts All - Elevators Yes, all floors
Conlon Fine Arts All - Grade Entrance and Pass way First Floor
Dupont Facilities All - Grade Entrances Yes
Edgerly Hall All - Elevator Yes
Hammond Library All - Grade Entrance/Elevators Yes, all floors
Holmes Dining
Yes - Ramp and bridge Yes
Mazzaferro Center Yes - Ramp and Elevator Second Floor
McKay School All - Grade Entrances/Elevators Yes, all floors
Miller Hall First Floor - Ramp
Exterior Access Elevator
First Floor
Percival Hall All - Elevator First and Third Floors
Recreation Center All - Ramp and Elevator Yes, all floors
Sanders Admin All - Grade Entrances Yes, all floors
Thompson Hall All - Elevator with exterior acc. First and Third Floors
Weston Auditorium Yes - Ramp Yes

Accessible Parking

The university provides accessible parking spaces that are distributed throughout the campus. These are located in various Campus Parking Lots and in close proximity to academic buildings and residence halls.

Section 504 and Title II Coordinator

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 are federal laws concerning the rights of individuals with disabilities and prohibiting discrimination on the basis of disability at the University.

Jessica Murdoch, Vice President for Human Resources and Payroll Services and AA is the University’s designated Section 504 and Title II Coordinator. Any member of the University community who has questions or concerns regarding the University’s compliance with its obligations under Section 504 or Title II, or who believes that he, she or another has been discriminated against on the basis of a disability, may contact Ms. Murdoch in the Human Resources and Affirmative Action Office at 978.665.3172 or may file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, at 617.289.0111.

Institutional Discrimination Complaint Procedures

The Massachusetts State Universities have established specific internal Discrimination Complaint Procedures to help resolve claims and complaints of discrimination, including disability discrimination, on the campus. These procedures will serve as a system of review and resolution for both informal claims and formal complaints of discrimination. Any member of the University community and/or any applicant for employment who believes they have been a victim of discrimination, discriminatory harassment or retaliation may initiate an informal claim or formal complaint as outlined in the Discrimination Complaint Procedures.

Hard copies of the Discrimination Complaint Procedures are available in the Human Resources and Affirmative Action Office. The Discrimination Complaint Procedures are also available on the Human Resources website.

Further advice or information regarding the University’s Discrimination Complaint Procedures may be obtained by contacting Jessica Murdoch, Vice President for Human Resources and Payroll Services and Affirmative Action and Designated Coordinator for Title IX, Section 504 and Title II of the ADA, at 978.665.3172 or via email

For Accessible Housing information, please contact Housing and Residential Services at 978.665.3219 or via email at