Signing People In SSC

How to Sign People in to SSC

Log in to SSC.

Scroll down to bottom, right-hand corner.

Click Additional Modes and then Appointment Center.

A screenshot showing the "Appointment Center" link.

Choose the location, Academic Coaching and Tutoring Center.

a screenshot showing the location "Academic Coaching and Tutoring Center"

If Student Wants to Make an Appointment

Go to Scheduling Grid.

Make sure the Care Unit is set to Tutoring and the End Time is extended to 8pm (the default is 5pm).

a screenshot showcasing the Scheduling Grid

If the student wants writing tutoring, choose Writing Tutoring from the drop-down menu.

Otherwise, choose Course-Based Tutoring and select the correct course.

To make an appointment, click in the white space for a tutor available for the appropriate service at the correct time.

In the popup, enter the student's name and remember to check the Student has checked in for appointment box.

a screenshot showcasing the popup window.