Campus Mail Center

Delivery Times

Monday – Friday, 2pm

Academic & Administrative Offices

Monday – Friday, 12pm

Library, McKay School, Recreation Center, Campus Police, Exercise & Sports Science, Center for Professional Studies

University Addresses


Fitchburg State University
160 Pearl Street
Fitchburg, MA 01420-2697


Fitchburg State University
167 Klondike Avenue
Fitchburg, MA 01420

General Information

  • Only official Fitchburg State University Mail will be metered through the Campus Mail Center. Must have a Fitchburg State University return address on envelope.
  • Personal mail may be metered at the Student Mail Center using your OneCard. Stamps are also available at the Bookstore in Hammond Hall.
  • Packages that require a signature will be delivered with the next delivery time, if an office is unattended.

Bulk mailing provided by the Print Services department, can save a significant cost in postage on large mailings. If you have a mailing list of 200 or more addresses, please contact Print Services to discuss your mailing. Departments planning on Bulk Mailing should contact us as far in advance as possible to allow for use of any or all of the services Print Services provides.

  • UPS packages will be sent out daily Monday-Friday through Materials Management.
  • Packages that need a tracking number will be sent out UPS ground unless overnight is specified.
  • Computer generated labels are processed in Materials Management, please address packages clearly with contact names, street addresses, suites if applicable, city and state.

Guidelines for Preparing Colored Mail Bags

  • USPS mail is picked up daily at 4:00 p.m.
  • Place all outgoing mail to be metered with either the envelope flaps overlapping or envelope flaps down.
  • Pre-paid (no postage necessary) or mail with a stamp on it needs to be kept separate from mail to be metered.
  • Air mail, certified return receipt, overnight mail should be noted and kept separate from regular mail to be metered.
  • Envelopes with a clasp closing on the back need to be closed prior to being sent to the mail center.
  • Envelopes that need to be sealed need to be overlapping one another.
  • Include a name and department for on-campus mail.
  • Include a return name/department for undeliverable mail.

These will be delivered on the same schedule as mail deliveries.

Campus Mail FAQs

A: Yes, for personal packages, you can add funds to your OneCard to purchase postage at the student mail center. Stamps are also available in the University Bookstore in Hammond Hall.

A: USPS mail is picked up daily at 4:00pm.

A: Yes, send copy of item to be faxed to the Campus Mail Center/Materials Management, we will send back a confirmation to you.


Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm

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