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Blackboard FAQ for Instructors

Q. How do I login to Blackboard?

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Login Button.
  3. Use your email username & original password to login to Blackboard (i.e. username for "" is "jdoe").
  4. Click the Login Button.

Q. How do I get a Blackboard site for my course and how do students get access?

All students enrolled in official university courses listed in the Banner student records system will automatically be enrolled in a corresponding Blackboard course site. Instructors do not need to manually enroll students or request a Blackboard site for their course.

Q. I'm teaching a course this semester, but it's not listed under "My Courses" in Blackboard. Why is it not showing up?

A. Most likely you have not been officially assigned as the instructor for the course in Banner (student information system). Contact the Registrar at 978.665.4196 to check on the status of your course assignment. Once you have been officially assigned as the instructor of a course Blackboard will reflect the change in Banner within 12 hours or less.

Q. Students are reporting that my Blackboard course site is described as being "Unavailable" how do I fix this?

A. Make sure Course Availability has been turned on.

Q. I'm teaching multiple sections of a course. Is it possible to have my course sections combined into one site?

A. Yes, just complete the "Merge Multiple Course Sections Request" online form.

Q. I have many courses listed under the "My Courses" module displayed immediately after I login. How can I reduce the number of courses displayed?

A. Click the Edit My Courses Module icon Edit My Courses Module icon in the right hand corner of the "My Courses" module. Uncheck the boxes under the "Course Name" and "Course ID" columns next to each course that you would like to not display and click the Submit button.

    Q. Grades entered into Turnitin are not showing up in the Blackboard Grade Center.

    A. If the Grades shown in the Turnitin Blackboard Direct integration assignment inbox view do not match the grades that are shown in the Blackboard Grade Center view, the "Force Refresh Submissions" tool can be used to refresh the grades in the Grade Center. The Force Refresh Submissions tool can be accessed from:

    Course Tools > Turnitin Direct Tools > Support Tool: Force Refresh Submissions (grey link)

    Q. How can I reuse content from another Blackboard course?

    A. You can copy content from another Blackboard course you are assigned to by following the Copy/Reuse Course Content instructions.

    If you are not the instructor of the course you wish to copy from, please contact the instructor of the originating course to get permission. Ask that person to open a Help Desk ticket requesting that you be added to their course for the purposes of copying content.

    Q. Why are images not displaying for tests taken in the Blackboard mobile app?

    A. This is a known issue for Blackboard. At this time it is recommended that students be advised not to use the Blackboard mobile app for taking a test if it includes images.


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