Fitchburg State Credentials

Your Fitchburg State Credentials (formerly Falcon Key) are used to login to a variety of resources at Fitchburg State including the Login Portal, Blackboard, Course Scheduler, and Google Workspace. We highly recommend you change your password from the default password and keep the new password a secret.

Password Reset Instructions

Students and Employees with No University-Issued Computer
Please select the first option below.

Employees with University-Issued Computers
If you have a university-issued computer, the preferred way to change your password is using your Fitchburg State computer (options 2 and 3 below). Using other password changing methods will create conflicts.

  1. Login to using your current username and password and complete the Multi-Factor Authentication by following the prompts
  2. Click your account photo or initials in the top right and then click View account
  3. Click either:
    1. Security Info on the left-hand side OR
    2. Update Info on the center tile
  4. Click Change next to the password line
  5. Enter a new password in the New password and Confirm new password fields
  • Click the key icon in your menu bar (located in the top right of your screen)
  • Enter your current Fitchburg State Credentials and click Sign in
  • Click the key icon again and select Change Password...
  • Enter your current Fitchburg State password in the Old Password field
  • Enter a new password in the New Password and Verify Password fields then click Change Password
  • You should see a Password Change Successful message. Click OK to dismiss the message


  1. Connect to the university network, either while on campus or remotely connected to the VPN
  2. Press Control- Alt-Delete
  3. Select Change a Password
  4. Enter your current Fitchburg State password in the Old Password field
  5. Enter a new password in the Create new password and Confirm new password fields
  6. Click Submit
  7. Intune (2023+ systems) will see a green screen - Right
  1. Browse to
  2. Login with your Fitchburg State email address and Falcon Key password then select the Next button
    The login screen showing the location of the Next button.
  3. Select the Forgot my Password link
    The location of the Forgot my password link.
  4. If it's not already there, enter your Fitchburg State email address, enter the characters in the picture or words in the audio, then select Next
    The location where you enter the CAPTCHA text.
  5. On the next screen, select I Forgot my Password, then Next
    The location of "I forgot my password" and the Next button.
  6. You will have two options to choose from, depending on how you configured MFA when you set it up:
    1. Using your mobile phone
    2. Using your authenticator app
      The location of "Text my mobile phone".

      The location of "Enter a code from my authenticator app".
  7. Enter a new password, confirm your new password then select Finish.
    The new password screen.




Password Requirements

Please refer to our Password Policy (PDF) for password complexity requirements and other password information.

Tips for a Strong Password

  • Use a phrase with words you can remember
  • Make your password different than your social media passwords
  • Use a password that is longer than 12 characters
  • Check your password security using an online tool:

Example: Dont-use-this-password!