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Transfer Application Requirements

To help you with the transfer process, we’ve included an overview of requirements below.

We have increased the limit of earned academic credits that prospective students can transfer from other institutions of higher education.

The new policy allows transfer students to bring 90 credits from regionally accredited four-year institutions and 75 credits from regionally accredited two-year schools.

The university is not changing its requirement that transfer students complete at least 50 percent of the coursework in their major at Fitchburg State, as well as one-quarter of their overall undergraduate credits.

If you have questions about whether or not you meet the requirements to apply, please feel free to contact a transfer counselor at 978.665.3144 or by email.



An invitation to students affected by college closures

In light of recent announcements, we want to inform students that our community welcomes them to continue their studies on our campus.

If your college is affected, we will expedite review of your application. In addition, we will waive the $50 application fee and required essay.

Requirements and Other Information

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2019 Deadlines

Fall 2019

  • January 1 - Nursing and Game Design
  • March 1 - FAFSA 
  • June 1 - Housing & Merit Scholarship Consideration (housing is still available) 
  • July 15 - Commuter

*Applications received after these priority deadlines will still be accepted, but on a space available basis.

Spring 2019

November 1 for Game Design (Nursing is not available for spring)

December 1 for all other programs


What you'll need to apply

  • Application
  • Letters of recommendation (optional, not required)
  • Resume (optional, not required)
  • Application Fee
  • SAT scores (not required if you have 24 or more transferable* college credits or if you graduated from high school more than 3 years ago)
  • Final High School Transcript (sent directly from your high school but not required if you have earned an Associates Degree)
  • Official College Transcripts sent directly from each institution where you enrolled in a course
  • Essay
  • Students, who are not US citizens or Permanent Residents, should view our International Student Requirements

Transfer requirements (you must meet one of three)

  • 12-23 transferable* college credits and a minimum 2.5 college GPA; or
  • Up to 23 transferable* college credits, a minimum 2.0 college GPA and must also meet the admissions standards for freshman applicants; or
  • 24 or more transferable* credits and a minimum 2.0 college GPA

*courses with grades below a C- or any remedial coursework are not included in this total

Semester hours that can be transferred

A maximum of 75 semester hours of transfer credit may be accepted for coursework taken at two-year accredited institutions, or credit granted for college-level examinations (CLEP), the military, and/or advanced placement courses.

Transfer Equivalencies from Massachusetts Community Colleges and Worcester State University

The maximum increases to 90 semester hours if you attend an accredited four-year institution.


If you attend a Massachusetts community college or state university, then it is easier for you to transfer your credits.

For more details on this program you can visit the MassTransfer website, but we recommend using the Fitchburg State application if you choose to apply to our campus. You can also find a detailed list of approved MassTransfer linked programs. Only students in linked programs are eligible to apply as MassTransfer.

You must apply while in attendance at your current community college or state university. Please contact your current college’s transfer office for more information.